A broken heart

Pertaining to the fact that I had never fallen in love helped me realize one day that I was having a clandestine love affair, pleasures of which always came incognito.

Desperately trying to ignite those feelings which I was sure never existed in the nearest of the nearest of the vicinity of mine own mind.

Alas! The realm of my heart was successful to allow someone to be a visitor for sometime. At least. But the unconditional allowance which it gave to the visitor now and then which rather confused me sometimes of its intentions, intended or otherwise.

Still I never uttered a word against it, as I was always enjoying the sweet pain it gave , sweet cause that’s what I felt and pain because that’s the only way I could decipher the feel of it.

Hell came rolling down on me one day when I found the space empty again, and the emptiness kept on asking for the one who had left. Heart beat up to ninety miles per hour. Secluded in the middle of my body, there it had built a small passage for emotions to come in and go out, that was the passage he realized (later) which had been used for the departure.

Blood clogged and dried up there and it left a lump which is still visible to the ones who can see and also to me, sometimes though, as I don’t have the patience to pay attention to it anymore.

Rebuilding the structure , but the lump never agreed to leave its space, all the outer walls have been redone, the windows remain closed , no doors anymore , just has few gaps here and there for some sentiments to inhibit that space for a day or two.

Bypassing the usual ways, and not giving it any chance to recover after it had come down on its own, unable to rebuild the strong ceiling, I left it like that. And have named it for ever………………………..A BROKEN HEART………………………………………


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