Let\'s put Smile on their FacesAddicted to the habit of traveling without cause I was in Calcutta few weeks ago, and I chanced upon small child, as I talked to him, I came to know that he was born in a brothel, I have tried to tell his story the way he did, don’t know if this is going to make any difference, but for a while if we can think about them and try and see if we can do something for them, may be my effort will be blessed. Don’t know what the government is doping about it, and we people, we don’t know nothing about it or may be we just don’t want to recognize the fact that there are lives which need to be taken care of.. This story is of a child born in Sonaghachi, India’s biggest RED light area.

I don’t have a home , i don’t have my dad , I don’t have a brother , I don’t know who my mother is as I have so many of them to call mother , they are almost sixty of them whom I call with the same name, they are very sweet to me , they treat me like I am the king, but when I go out people make fun of me , they call me with different names , I don’t have a name yet, everybody calls me chootu, I don’t know where did I get this name from . But I love this name as it’s the only identity I have. I was born here and I like this place, like the hot cup of tea in the morning and my rice and curry in the day time, in the evening I spend it with my friends as all my mothers are busy working. I have three friends one works in a tea stall, the other one picks amazing things from the street I have collected few of them to play with, he sells the plastic bags and papers to our local vendor here, we call him, Iqbal chacha. The last one, I don’t like him much as he tries to bully us but he is the strongest among us and he gets the proper supply of cigarettes for us, and also gets beer or rum for us sometimes , he is a nice guy I like him very much. I am a big man now i am eleven years old, my mothers like me very much and the auntie in whose house we stay is also nice to me , I don’t have any complains with any one.

But I miss my father , o have never seen him, I don’t know who he is , where he is and what he does, don’t know even if he is alive or not, its just that i haven’t seen him so it think he must be angry with me , I feel like writing a letter to him.

Dear Papa

I miss you a lot, where are , I want to meet you , I want to talk to you, I have grown up now and I also earn fifty rupees daily, I am happy here but I also need you sometimes, I am not like other child I will not ask you anything, iqbal chacha gives me clothes to wear, sardarji gives me food to eat and I sleep upstairs on the roof , I like it there have been sleeping there for long now, no on disturbs me there. It the most wonderful place on earth, I wish I could show you the place. Its only during rainy times that its difficult to sleep but I manage anyhow, I have a small bed there and I hide it inside the small crack we have between two buildings, papa please come once, I promise I will give you the bed to sleep, I will give you tea in the morning I can manage without it, lastly I want to say that I love you a lot papa.

Thank you for being my papa.

Ya I think, this letter will do and when he reads it he will surely come to me, you know he is a nice man, I think. Anyways, I was telling you about my life. We stay in this area
This pace is very nice I like my place. we have a big building in which we stay , there are a lot of people who come here and go , at night this place is the busiest , and our mothers are busy that is why we get free time to play and roam around all the places. I have also visited the slum area here , I don’t know why people call it slum area as I have seen these places are cleaner then other places around us, there is a small temple there , it cannot be seen , u have to go behind he tree , then only it is visible , there is an idol of ganesha there and he is my favorite, I find it funny when I see him sometimes, a man with a big nose , huge ears and a pot like tummy, isn’t he funny . but he is nice , he listens to what I say , I have asked him to send my papa to me just once, and I am sure he will, he is my best friend you know. Well that is my story, I hope you liked it. I will tell you more when i grow up and I start earning like my papa.


2 responses to “BORN IN A BROTHEL

  1. Praveen,
    I was born in calcutta and professionaly visits there almost every month…Sonaghachi is not the biggest brothel in India…the biggest one is in Mumbai some where…

  2. Greetings from Delhi, Thanks Bhoot sorry i missed the O’z in between, this increase my GK a bit,


    Praveen Dwivedi

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