I knw I need U… “coz I knw, I need U…

I Thought WE are Good Friends.. Not ‘coz v meet n sit n eat together, or bitch about people who does’t really matter, or ‘coz we hold firvolous conversations on phone for hours.

I Thought WE are Friends, ‘coz I learnt to Love things about U that I hated the most. I hated your unreasonable grins. But When U smile, a grin forces itself across my face no matter how mad I’m. Have seen you Helpless, in those moments when I cried in front of ya. When I cry U instantly felt the pain & wanted to cry with Me.

I Thought WE are Friends ‘coz when I look at you, in your eyes, I know there’s no one I can ever Trust more regardless of how many tussels we’ve had… Thats is what I thought We are Friends For.

Isn’t it Funny, how come U don’t realize you are special at all??? U ‘re thoughtful without ever thinking abt it. U r always there when I call U. U share everything, not expecting a thing in return… Yet always seems to be forgiving, … Isn’t it Lovely that U have taught me so much abt learing n living !!!… n the process is still on!!
U are that Special Person..

I knw I need U… “coz I knw, I need U… Thats’ Another Reason I thought We’re FRIENDS…


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