My Bharat My India and my Women

Last four years I have been thinking how can someone go through so much of pain and suffering but still smile and live. I tried this myself one day. Was in Darjeeling that time and was just moving around, a thought provoked me to take out my shoes and walk barefoot. The first few steps I took told me that was it and no more of it could be handled by me, but hen I thought why not try one more step , that did and the pain which I had to suffer due to the stones below me and the rough surface is something I cannot forget till date, it gives me satisfaction when I am really down and frustrated and depressed with the most saddest things happening around me that I have been through that so this is nothing compared to it .my foot was all bruised and there were few cuts here and there but still the satisfaction that I went through it and I am still alive made me feel really nice and what a gift I have today, few marks which I got on my foot that day , have still not gone and it remains there giving me immense pleasure when I look at it , accidentally or otherwise.

Bharat VS India

Well do not look at this like the way you are doing I know all three are same, but I believe all three are different. There are many things that I can talk about the three let me take them one by one.

Bharat is a place where people still live in villages, where the women of today are still carrying food for their husbands and going to the filed in the afternoon to feed them so that they can work for the rest of the hours of the day and when he comes back it’s the same story, she has to cook food feed him and the children and go to sleep. Early in the morning she has to be the first one to wake up and do the cleaning and then follow the rituals cook food and wait for every body to get ready. It’s not only the married women who go through this. As this is same for the one’s who are not married. Education is something they are never blessed with. They have never seen electricity in most part of Bharat. They don’t have road but have pagdandis to pass through and reach the market. This I am talking about the villages in northern bharat. Here the women still live a life which revolves round her home and that’s all,, she does not have a say in that at all. She is one who has to suffer has to go through all the pain I her life. She is the one who has to compromise. Really sad but what can we do as we are busy with India right now. Still the reason behind her getting married and settling down in a nice family is not because she is good at something or is beautiful or is educated but he reason is the dowry. This is eating Bharat like the parasites. If I talk of the east the last time I visited that place and stayed there for a month I could see that it’s the women who carry all the business of the house not only the kitchen but also manages the financial part of it, and the husbands are happily drunk. There’s no freedom for them at all. They have to work to feed the family to earn for themselves and also for the husbands who are good for nothing. Lately I have heard things are changing a bit. Thanking god for this but am still not satisfied as I need to assure myself by going there and having a look at it myself. Bengal is a state where the women is given priority as she is treated as god and is respected courtesy Maa Durga, but again she does not get education, she is not allowed to have a profession and here I am not talking about the cities I am talking about the Bharat of today not India, I will talk about it in the better half of this. So do not confuse your self with what your have perceived and what I am telling you all. Bharat is still missing the enthusiasm to grow to learn and to live as better live, its not because we cannot afford it but its because they have never been told, hey have never seen it. I was in a small village in north India wont name the state but when a plane passed through in the sky I could see their eyes wide opened waving up to the plane. I found it quite amazing as India is opening up its air space and is including at least five new carriers every New Year, but still there are lots who haven’t even seen it more then five times in their lives, this might sound very different and you may not agree to it but this is the fact. The women of Bharat are way behind what we think they are. They know nothing about their rights, their husband their in laws and even their own parents treat them badly and she has to willingly suffer all this with a wide smile because she does not know her worth. She has been blindfolded all her life and has been brain washed as she is the one who is expected to be the one who dies first. Anyways Mera bharat Mahan.

When I talk about India my face is full of happiness as the women in India are growing self dependent , they are focused and they know where they want to be , as far financial dependability is concerned , that’s none of their concerns anymore , they have the right to choose and they are doing it right, They are well educated and are in the best places be it political or the corporate world, any industry you talk about they are there , which kind of makes me feel proud of being an Indian, that’s the time when I have my closed eyes towards Bharat. And I don’t care if it is. (Apologies) They are open to ides and are willing to do away with the official dogmas of the society. They have wings and they are making use of it. I am proud of the women of India. Well its not that am only full of praises for them. They also do make mistakes. They are experimenting things and sometimes they go wrong but what the heck man , let them do it , its because of the mistakes we make that we learn many things in life, so be it.

Anyways lets come back to the fact was talking to you about , there’s this lady whom I have been knowing since last four years, she was married to a man , quite education and has been working with the central government for sometime now and is influential in come manner. They got married some six years ago, and four years ago he married someone of his choice and the lady in question has been living with them since then, The lady I know for all this time her name is Snaeha (name changed) . The matter of concern here is the man is not ready to divorce her neither is he ready to leave the second wife he has got. We have talked to this man twice and he says why you are bothered about his life. Don’t we have something good to do in life; he has been threatening us that we might have to suffer if we act smart in his family maters. Snaeha , she takes care of the family as her own does the cleaning , the kitchen for sure, takes care of almost everything . Has a child o take care of. But is treated as a servant of the house, not only that she has to go through so much of humility that when we pass through her house we feel pity towards ourselves as we cannot do anything about it. She also cooks food for some students who stay around ion the colony in their rented flats to get some extra oney for the man. What a sacrifice. I wonder why she does all that and we friends wanted to know about this, we sat down one day and decided to talk to her. We went to one of the student’s place where she cooks food for them, initially she did not say anything about her life but after pursuing her for some time she did tell us her story. She was married to this man around six years ago and with a handsome dowry, the marriage ceremony was a nice one and she was happy about what was happening. After her marriage her father passed away and she was left all alone as she was he only child and whatever her father owned she owns it now, so when the man came to know about this he has been asking her to give everything to her, or else he would leave her and the child and never take them back home, she did not agree to this as she wanted her child to study and all the wealth that her father had left was to be for that. So he got married to someone else and brought her home, and now he has asked her to leave the child and go away from home, he has hit her many times doubting that she has relations with the students for whom she cooks food. Even the mans relatives have not spared her they have been tormenting her. Lately she says he has warned her not to talk to us about anything or else he would kill the child. This is my Bharat in between India.

The status is just the same. It’s like the worm whose one part is open to the sky and feels the fresh air but the other part is still inside the earth, pressed and full of Darkness.


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  1. Nice to read your article

  2. Greetings from Delhi, Thnaks a lot for spending some time here.

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