Passage Of Time

The passage of time as I passed through it, a feeling of belonging took birth, belonging to the never ending movement of the cosmic stars and the galaxies and numerous Milky Way’s around our own. With the earth making its dual movement all night and day. Where was I bound to move from here? Though the level of satisfaction is the same as it was when satisfaction first quenched my thirst, giving the same feeling when you reach the point of ecstasy. An unclear vision of few men wearing bright orange-red trousers moving through the jungle making a new path by their every new move, and then vanishing completely in the midst of the jungle, until a new vision engulfs, the passage of time. Faith of the millions, that time when gone is lost for ever, and it leaves nothing behind but few hopes shattered , few broken promises, few drops of tears and a few smiles here and there, almost everything is lost in the yesteryears. Forgetting that still, that a new lesson a new vision and an unbelievable moment just passed by. The passage of time still takes over. After having followed it for years I sit down to see, how far have I followed it , so much for it that when I see it pass through me again. Stunned by mine own miscalculation of the speed and it s length. I just let it go.
When yesterday stood before me as today, it took me back to yesterday. A sense of belonging was raised again. Where belonging to the one to whom I belonged was such that I had to raise my hands and try and grip some of the wind flowing around me , to feel the movement and its coldness , to have the sense of power for a moment , for those few things that belonged to me , but just for that moment.
An unclear vision of a waterfall all bright colors around it, must have been the rainbow it seemed so colorful that when I tried to count the number of colors , I lost the sense of counting, my attention went back to the moving water and the sound it generated .Sound of the water falling from the above , the beauty of those single drops altogether traveling that distance from the top of the hill to the bottom of that small pond and the gong forward gave me new strength, I decided I will stop only when the water stops. Hopefully, was moving along the banks of that small stream, I suddenly saw that Time whom I thought I had left in the passage was also there and was enjoying the view of the crystal clear moving water. I thought about having a talk wit h him , was about to approach him , when I saw him engrossed in something deeper, I closed my eyes as he had done and tried to concentrate on the present moment that passed by, I could feel tat the time was in some other world , a world of his own. As I did that my heart was amazingly filled with new happiness and a different kind of feeling started refilling the present one, music of the unknown was what I heard. Every beat of the drums I heard was like a new life again,, with my eyes open I was seeing a dream , with my open eyes I was listening to the heavenly music. I was stunned so could not move a bit, unable to do anything I just stood there for long. I saw time come towards me, tap my shoulders and move on. Realizing that as I was lost in the music for such a long time , time had moved on and he was no longer in the view , I couldn’t see him , neither could I feel his presence anywhere. He had gone and I was left all alone with that small stream, heavenly music and a virgin and honest feeling. But, perhaps the satisfaction had been granted and thankfully I remembered its smile and I did the same. As the time moved on…………
I awoke with an unclear vision of a number of monks moving in a single line and chanting their morning prayers, it was early morning and I had been transformed into a different world altogether and that also in a single night. Not thinking about how, and when and who made this happen I only paid attention to the present time that was moving along .The monks were coming towards me, could see that each one wore the saffron dress, this they call holy, may be it because it’s the color of the rising sun, which when it comes brings with itself new hope, new life, new desires, new movement, new light and a new day to this earth. Saffron was the only color I could see all over the sky all around me and of course even the sun was of the same color. As they passed through me each one rubbing their shoulders on mine ,I realized that I was being an hindrance to their peaceful morning prayers , I moved aside from their path , a smile is what I got in return. A desire to know them better ran into my minds but as the color of the rising sun faded and the bright day color took over it slowly, so did the monks and slowly it became day ,and the monks had vanished ,the saffron color had gone , only thing that remained with me was the feeling that I had seen it and felt it move through me , as I turned my head around from the direction from which I had seen the monks go , I saw time standing there and looking in the same direction I had been looking, it seemed he was totally mesmerized with the view and was thinking , time had lost his own sense of time . I moved forward, tapped his shoulders, smiled and moved on.Last night was a spectacular one, I had invited time for dinner, he was running late so had to wait for him for a while, but when he came he came with a guest, he had the movement with him, I wasn’t sure if he was telling the truth so I went out to see it for my self, I was shocked to see that everything around me was on a stand still, the stars didn’t blink, the wind didn’t blow and my breadth didn’t flow. NO sound of the movement, only could feel the music of silence everywhere.
The time had come and its movement too, now what was I supposed to do, entertain them or ask them to go. For them them I tried putting up a show. Showing them all that I know. Movement being tired sitting there said, he had to go; I thanked him for coming and willingly showed him the door.
Unintentionally understanding my intended intentions time smiled and said sleep my child and I will tell u a story. As I closed my eyes to hear him say something, he didn’t even utter a word and when I opened my eyes to see, it was morning already. An unclear vision of a shadow was what I felt as I was leaning on the tree, as it rained heavily. Few drops that had landed on the leaves, after quenching their thirst came rolling upon me, once touching me and then they dissolved quickly on my clothes trying to be one of them. Lightning being quite familiar on that part of the earth, so was I with them. Having seen them since my childhood, felt as if I had grown with them. But today I saw a different vision which was not the same I had seen earlier, never had felt such a thing before, today was totally different. I saw how quickly the lightning stretches its arms and touch the earth for a second and retreat to its own realm. I felt that it was very shy to be on earth for more than a second, as it came and went ,it left behind few marks here and few marks there to say yes they had been here sometimes. This shadow started moving, so did I and I have been following it all day and night , for which it never ends……………………..The passage of time.
Lying in my grave, all dark and silent, I was feeling the speed of silence pass through me, giving me its immense energy. Which eluded from my mind as any to other thing would? Amazed surprised and a bit shocked when the realization struck me, I was dead. I saw my soul get up and go ,but then it went it, also took my mind along with it , and as it moved along I saw, on my grave it was written……………with the passage of time he passed away.


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