Virginity (Prostitution )

I met Maya after a gap of seven years, she looked stunning with long hair which ran down to he bottom and looked fabulous, when our eyes met we spoke to each other, after sometime I could utter only a single word HI! its been very long had I seen her I wanted to say more but my lips were locked, not because I didn’t want to say anything but because  I had a lots to say. She introduced me to her children Gaurav five years and Bhavna three .I could but only congratulate her for her good luck and family. while we were talking her husband arrived and also the metro. Oh I forgot to tell you I was at the Rajiv Chowk metro station waiting for the train to come. At last it was there I boarded my train this separation was more painful then the last one, now I knew she can never be mine.

Seven years ago I was doing my masters when I had a desire to write about the life of the prostitutes , I decided to visit that place myself and see what it turns out to be ,I went there one evening and started talking to girls from different places, in that crowd of girls I could se Maya ,(her name she told me after we had met the fourth time) with a very charming face and an attractive smile, I went to her and as I stood besides her she asked , want to go. I said no. then why are you here, I told her what was I there for. what do you have to do with our life, she said I mean why are you bothered , you will not know about our lives until you live here live the life we live, feel what we feel and know about the emotional, physical and sentimental torture we go through. then why are you here if you suffer so much I asked. she said I have no other options ,I have a family to look after , I have two brothers who need education and for education we need money and this is way I earn it , otherwise there’s no other way I can earn such amount of money , who will hire me I have no education no qualities to flaunt. and whats with life if I cannot be of some use for my family, my mother is sick she has cancer , my father died six years ago so I have no other option but to sell whatever I have. I had no answer to what she had said, I visited that place quite a number of times and this brought us closer, which resulted in a bit of intimacy between us. my friends came to know about it.

I cannot define that intimacy other then love yes I was in love , in love with a prostitute and my friends were against the feeling of mine , I then decided to stay away from her as it was against the norms of the society ,SOCIEY huh! The things she told me only described her to be a women who is there by her choice ,I  was amazed about the fact, how can somebody be there by choice, anyways she was there by choice .She was doing it for her family and she did not regret it . This woman was full of sacrifices and she knew what she wanted from life, most of us don’t. anyways I wrote what I saw and felt about their life, how they have to cope up with their clients and then their owners and the police, moral as well as the real one’s .How people looked at them what they said about them, she could not normally be a part of the usual society she was supposed to be in. that’s her story.
After that encounter at the metro station I met her again, we started talking about her life and her husband ,I asked how did they get married and where did she meet him and al other things which I needed to know to assure that she was in safe hands . Once I asked does your husband know that you were a sex worker before you got married to him, she said “YES” he knows about it and he finds no fault in me , he is very understanding and caring, hearing these words my feeling of jealousy towards him changed to respect ,I was eager to know how did he cope up with the fact, to which she said see, the thing in a relationship specially marriage is not that what you have done before that but its what you do after that , to make a marriage successful and happy one has to be in a state wherein you are ready to forgive and forget whatever might come in between both of you, which would sometime or later spoil your relationship. He didn’t care about my body he was concerned about me , my body is something which will change with age , with time it will grow old but me I will remain what I was for him then what I am today and I will remain the same for him even fifty years from now, its not the body but the mind that matters .Hearing such words from an uneducated girl who has spent the most important time of her life in such a place which is considered to be the dirtiest, about which most people don’t want to talk even ,I was blessed to have fallen in love with her , and I realised I was still , it didn’t matter to me even if she had slept with hundreds of men ,and it didn’t matter to me if she was a virgin or not . Life had taught her many lessons out of which she taught me one. “VIRGINITY LIES IN THE MIND AND NOT THE BODY”












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