A Friend of mine was out on his first date, now this lady was someone who called herself modern and when she talked, she talks about revolution and she thought she was the one it had to start. They had been talking to each other for the last few months and he was of the shy kinds and spoke very less, only after we forced him many times did he go and talk to her, that was some three months ago, after that they have been talking, mailing, sending messages, he also managed to send her flowers so very often that he went short of his pocket money, well he is still studying, doing his PHD in political theories and propaganda. So he got less time o spend with her then his books and materials. So we decide to be nice to him and also his choice, we guys got together and arranged a nice evening for them.Saturday evening PARK BALUCHI, one of the best restaurants in Delhi, where the food is tasty the place exotic and the ambience peaceful and romantic, with deer’s roaming behind you, there’s no music as you can hear the birds filing in the space, no fan as the cold wind blows from between the trees touches you, tingles you and then goes back to the trees to return once again but with more coldness and with a beautiful smell of the sweat of the trees. Sounds romantic to me though. My friend arrived their early and was waiting for his date, she was late. Half an hour late but looked nice and beautiful, more then what she looked generally, my friend told me this I wasn’t there for sure. She must have spent good time in getting herself ready that was why she was late. So fine being late had and excuse and that excuse was pleasant, so my dear friend didn’t complain, after all it was all for his eyes to enjoy. So finally they settled on one of the tables and thought of ordering drinks for sure, she said she does not drink neither does my friend but we had told him to try and ask for it as she might like it, fine that went well, they order for food was given , in the mean time they were enjoying the songs from the birds and were talking to each other, it was awesome , her eyes looked so beautiful , when she smiled I felt as if I was the happiest person in the world. Man it was so satisfying just to see her smile.

The food was gone, they ordered for some tea after that, there’s this thing about us, our group loves drinking tea a lot, before eating and even after that a cup of tea will always do. So there was tea for both of them. We had it arranged earlier; this place does not serve Darjeeling tea so we had arranged for some to be delivered at their restaurant. And on request they did serve this for the couple there. Darjeeling tea has a quality of its own the aroma is so charming that it revives you from death; it gives you the freshness in life as if nothing else would. Everything was fine till then. The food was done, tea finished. Finally they decide it was late and they should go back home, paying for the show was something that remained, as this lady is working and my friend is still studying , so we had thought that she might offer to pay not the whole but at least half of what was spent, now there’s nothing like the boy girl thing , we don’t consider that be it friends or girlfriends you have to pay for yourself that’s our rule, this lady was still not a part of the gang so we didn’t mind that , my friend willingly and happily took our his purse and paid for it. He was holding the purse n such position that everything inside it was visible to his girlfriend and that was were everything started tumbling and breaking into pieces. She could see a packet of condom in his purse , she didn’t say anything inside the restaurant but when she came out , she started it all at once , I didn’t know you were such kind of guy , and what did you think , what kind of girl am I? Was what she asked. My friend was shocked by the way this question was out and that also without any hint of it, that it was coming. He tried to control himself and then asked why you are asking this? She said don’t try to be decent I know what kind of guy you are , I saw the condom in your pocket , and don’t ever think that you can do that to me , for you this might be just a game but I am not a game for it. She went away no matter how many mails he has written, no matter how many calls he had made, no matter how many messages he has sent; he has received no reply till date.

One thing I could not understand is having a condom in your wallet can make you someone very cheap I didn’t know that I have been having that in my wallet  since I turned eighteen, I don’t know I have been cheap all this while. I thought carrying a condom with you was something which all educated people or maybe all people who love their lives and that of other’s do , and are more careful and should be respected for what they do , at least they are doing so much for the society , controlling the birth rate , not spreading the STD, and specially when the AIDS thing is here to stay , at least we people are trying to keep it away , and hey if we keep it to use it, that’s a question and matter of chance but we also willingly and voluntarily give it to someone who is in need and cant get one or is so scared of the invisible social eyes. I think I should meet that girl and tell her about few of my friends who are girls and who carry condoms with them and are neither ashamed nor are afraid to get one when they are out of stock. Well this may be a bold thing for some people to do but for us, it’s just that we know we might need it and it’s always good to have one with us. My apologies to the lady mentioned above as I have been lately looking for the pan flavoured condom, I had read about it but haven’t found it yet. If anyone of you know about it please let me know.






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  1. I need the pan flavoured condom for sure.

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