Flirting with the self.

no body say’s i am flirting

My friend came to my place a bit disheveled and a bit angry too, why do girls have all the choice’s why cant we guys be choosy sometimes, I was puzzled for sometime as to why is he asking this question, I wanted some clarification I thought , so I asked him what did he mean by it, he said he liked a girl and he told her about it , so what happened then, I asked, well she likes someone else, man this sucks , what’s wrong with me , I am working, I look nice have a nice height. (He is six feet tall). What else do they need? How would I know I said, c’mon there has to be something which we know about them, well we know they are girls isn’t that enough I said, ha that’s funny he said with a sarcastic smile on his face. Well see what did you, I said, what? He asked, you proposed a girl right, yes he said and she works with you, no she works somewhere else but I have known her for a while , good great I said, and how long does she know you, well she does not know me much, so I said, so what, he asked with a furious face . well nothing I said, see the logic is simple she does not know you so she does not like you, no that s not the case, I have this friend who works with me and we have been working together for the last three years and when I told her about my feelings for her she said she didn’t feel the way I did for her, I was just a friend for her. You mean you like this girl in your office and also this girl who works somewhere else, yes he said, good for you, and none of them seem to be interested in you, do both of them know about it, no. My friend does not know he is just flirting and nothing else, well he will know about it when the right time comes. Till then dekhte hai kya hota hai……….HUM LOG.

Let’s forget the conversation, I will take a whole evening trying to tell you all about the conversation we had that day, the crux of the matter is, that my friend was in love with two ladies and he told them about it and none of them were interested and he got frustrated because of this particular fact. Well that’s fine , that’s the story’s think my friend is suffering from a disease called FLIRTING, and he is in a position wherein he thinks he is in love , not with a particular individual but with the whole lot of them. Sounds interesting and fascinating at the same time, but why is it painful for him

Ladies are said to have a sixth sense which tells them about the individual who is talking to them as to why is he trying to get closer to them, they know when a man says and behaves in a particular manner what is to be expected out of it. the easiest way of getting closer to a women is to be a good friend fist, friend as in just a friend don’t mind that guys that’s the first step , u cant be barging into someone’s life uninvited and expect that person to welcome you with open arms, so my suggestion is to keep it cool and play it safe. Wherein if the relationship does not turn the way you want it to, then you have nothing to loose as in that effort you have got yourself a wonderful friend, but beware when your intentions are led by the equipment that keeps on hanging betweens your legs and inside your trousers. That is the ladies know everything about you, you don’t tell them but they know it all, cause for you she might be just one of them but for her you are one of the many, she knows your types more. See again I am confused why am I lecturing about what should be done and what not I am not a guru its just that I found what my friend was doing and it was wrong so I thought lets put in some thought s here.

Anyways I was talking about flirting, well its disease, and we get infected by it when we are growing up in our lives, and the level of infection varies from person to person. The class of flirts vary, thinking about it lets say there are four different classes of flirts, the fourth class or would say the lowest grade of flirts are the ones which we see on streets and bus stand s or railway compartments, they pass remarks towards the ladies passing by, cheap ones you can call, this class thinks that when you sing songs and pass remarks the girls like it and this way they can get more attention, good fort hem I suppose, the success rate is somewhere around two to three percent , very low I know but that’s how it is, any way’s coming a ladder up are the ones who are to be called the third class, don’t think I am calling them really bad ones but these are the ones who are a bit sober types and their success rate is a bit higher around eight percent. These people are really nice to talk to they are very helpful, they don’t talk other girls and are always in and around the vicinity of their lady of interest, they seem to be winners sometimes, they are seedha saadha kind of guys for the ladies , they don’t have the gut’s to be forceful to them neither are able to tell the ladies that they have feelings for them but they flirt and have a very suljha hua andaz for it , this is a class where the guys takes years to even kiss the lady of interest even if he has been dating her for three to four years, they want to say that they are loyal and respect the virginity of the lady they love, man what a crap but anyways that’s their style.

The second class passenger’s or patients of this disease are the ones who gain experience slowly and steadily in the process and learn a lot during this venture, the success rate is around fifteen to eighteen percent for the first timers and then it increases day by day, they flirt with more then one person at a time and are clever enough to not let the other know about the another. They are rarely focused on one single person and are seen to be flirting even after marriage, which they carry very nicely and manage to keep both sides happy; it sometimes results in divorce between the husband and wife if she comes to know about it. These people can’t ever come out of it.

Now the first class people, well a lot can be said about them, they are the most infected of the lot and the best of them, they flirt all around them and are never committed to any one of them, they have their wives at home and are the best husbands, best friends and best buddies, no one can be safe from their net, right from the office staff to the best friends wife, everyone is entangled in the net. But he does not mean any harm to any of them, it’s just that the disease has spread in his body so much that he cannot get rid of it.

Now if any body says that he does not flirt then I am sure he is lying as there is no one who does not do that, now lets come to a part wherein we try to figure out what flirting is,
Well it can be said that flirting is actually a gesture towards another person, towards whom you have a romantic or sexual interest. That’s the definition of course I goggled it , anyways I wanted something to explain as to what it is and this definition actually satisfies it , but sometimes we flirt even if we don’t have such intentions , we flirt because it gives us some excitement in it , makes us feel better about ourselves, and the other person also enjoys it sometimes, when both of them are doing just the same that is the time to be a bit careful , because it can lead to good or bad things(wink).
Well how do we flirt that’s something very different for different people, but the vitals parts of our body and the way we speak matters a lot, overall it’s the verbal or non verbal communication that plays a par in it, the eyes are said to be the best judge of a person, well yes whoever said it was right , it is because of the eyes that so many things remain unsaid as there is no need to do that as the eyes do the job quite nicely.the body language of a person plays another bigger role in this, the way we lean to wards other person is something that explains a lot. the smile , a simple but sober wink, flattery, and most importantly your words when you speak those matter a lot. I like it and i have always loved it . Flirting is what i am talking about. I wouldn’t say i am really experienced in it but yes i have had my share of experiences, and going by my life i can say its always nice to be a flirt , if you don’t mean any harm to any body, it can be very healthy as every time you flirt with someone it does not have to lead to the bedroom, u can just enjoy flirting, why do we do it?

That a very important question, as every time you are flirting i assume we are just being normal then as it is one of the most essential aspects of our lives, and I am sure every individual is a flirt one time or the other , now I call it a disease but its not a bad one to have. It’s the equivalent of the peacock’s tail: a courtship device evolved to attract and retain sexual partners. Our achievements in everything from art to rocket science may be merely a side-effect of the essential ability to charm.

Now flirting as I might put it is a very complex procedure of etiquette, this tells us about when where, how and in what manner do we flirt with the opposite sex. We all tend to know the rules without being told about it, it is as if it was installed in our brains and we use it when and wherever we need it, it’s totally reflexive in nature. We guys always make a mistake of taking flirting as sexual interest, but honestly that’s not our fault, the only thing that can be blamed is the thing that keeps on hanging inside our trousers. (WINK). If we talk about where we should flirt then there is not limit to it anywhere you feel its going to work do it , who know it might click better.
Well the process is very simple you start with just admiring glances, and most of the times its only for fun nothing serious. It increases a self esteem in oneself.


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