Who is a Failure ?

Walking on the banks of Haridwar I found a small pebble which had two sides, one side was amazingly smooth and the other very rough as if it had been tampered with., I was holding that stone for sometime and was trying to figure out the difference between the two sides, trying to know more about it I started looking for more stones on the bank. I found many, all of them had the same feature but they had one thing in common the part of the stone which was open to the wind, which suffered all the rain and wind was the one which was smoother but the one which was hidden, was rough like hell and actually spoilt the beauty of the stone. That’s what I thought life is just the same for us too. The more we go through the rough parts of our lives the more smoother we become. Thinking about this I started walking on the banks and had collected quite a number of them, then I remembered a game we used to play when we were small. We used to gather these small pebbles and throw them in the river in such a manner that it didn’t get inside the river on the first go but touched the surface ones twice and three time’s sometimes even more till at last it went deep inside the river for a much longer journey till the abyss. And whosever’s pebble did that the maximum number of times was the winner. My record was seven, which means the stone did not submerge itself inside the river until it had touched it seven times and moved further and further. The first time I threw it touched twice. The second and the third time I have to settle down for two. This continued till the time I had forgotten how many times I had thrown them inside and not a single time did I reach the lucky number seven , I did not give up as I was sure I will get it once at least . The whole the evening went trying to break my own record finally I failed to get that and I was tired too, I came back to the motel where I was staying and had my dinner and went to sleep. I felt sad about not been able to do it again. Many thoughts went inside my mind, didn’t I try very hard , didn’t I choose the right pebble , was I not using the proper angle to throw the pebble , I didn’t get an answer to what I was thinking but still I kept on thinking about it and did not realize when I had fallen asleep. I was dreaming of the times when I was young and all my friends were around me and we were playing the same game and I was happy every time I threw the pebble I got five and six, it was only once that got seven and that day I was the king. I wanted to be the king again, although I didn’t have my friends with me so what? I was doing what I had done years ago. Age teaches a lot I am more mature today, grown bigger and healthier, had more force in my arms and energy in my lungs I could hold my breadth and put all my energy in throwing the stone in the water, but what was it that was stopping me from getting to the point. I don’t know as no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t get and answer finally when I woke up in the morning went to the bank again and I was determined to get it today and I was surprised and happy , the first pebble I picked up and threw into the water I got seven . Man all the hard work of the day before seemed nothing in front of the happiness I had got today. Today was special, and I was tired no more, I was worried no more. I had won and I had achieved. I was a failure no more.

And I thank myself for trying again and again and again and not giving up. It is rightly said that when the going gets tough, the tough gets going.




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