As I Like it.

Life’s taken a turn since then; it was raining heavily with lightning coming down on earth and striking it so hard and so often at different places that it was very difficult for people around to hear me cry. My mother knew that there had been a landslide on the way through which my dad was coming. but then he did, he walked all the way , today I know it was almost nine kilometres he walked that night. All through the jungle, from one valley to the other, crossing streams big and small, listening to the frightening cries of the animals and the birds chirping which was pleasant thought still scary. He didn’t care about it I believe. When my mother saw him, she was full of happiness, he was wet from top to bottom, and was shivering a bit. He took me in his arms; I couldn’t feel the wetness because I was covered with warm clothes. So that was the first time we met, For sure I was born that day and he had come all the way through all those difficulties just to meet me , how much more could I ask for?

Life moved on showing me its different colours, its character, teaching me a lot and allowing me to learn, unlearn and relearn a lot more. Initially I didn’t understand what it meant but as the days passed by and a lot more was revealed to me by life. I realized everything that its giving me is a gift and anything that’s happening around me is a surprise. Happiness or sadness never came ,I never felt them coming or even going, they just passed through me ,I didn’t know how to respond to these two different emotions so I let them be what they are , just emotions.

A man is a slave of emotions and sentiments and social bonding which make him forget what his inner self has to say. He is so busy trying to be someone who is acceptable to the society, who is regarded by the society as someone successful, known and rich. Wherein he forgets the real richness that lies within him is still missing, he has lost that self in oblivion, he tries to look for it but when he sees things around him he forgets what he has been looking for. We humans have four different parts of ourselves within us, first is that part which we know about and others know about it as well, the second being that part which we know about but the others don’t, the third part being the ones others know about us and we don’t know and the last but the most important is the ones which we don’t know about and even others don’t know. Knowing this particular part of us is very important as this gives us more opportunity to explore ourselves, our minds and our thoughts, it s the time when you start chasing your thoughts and one by one they keep on piling up and when it’s a heap of it, it becomes an emotion and that makes you what you are, so every time we you try to look for the fourth part of you. You encounter new thoughts, emotions and sentiments and sometimes logical answers too, that is why it is said speaking to oneself is the most important thing to do, which many of us don’t, that s the cause of all the anxieties we have, the frustrations we have in life, the loneliness can be removed by talking to the self.




I looked at my self in the mirror and found someone else there in front of me , confused I looked around and could see that it was only me there and no one else, so I thought why not talk to the figure in front of me and clarify as to who he was .I asked do I know you did he said but now you have forgotten me totally, how could that be , if I knew someone I will be knowing him for the rest of my life, when did I meet you last .we were together for fourteen years he said , impossible how can I forget someone with whom I have spent fourteen years. Well you have he said and he vanished. Have been thinking since then who was this person, what made me forget him why can’t I remember him, if we stayed together for fourteen years how is it that I have forgotten him, the same questions came coming back to me again and again.
one day I was just going through my family album and I came across a picture of the individual who had appeared in front of me that day ,I recognised him then remembered it was me , it was me who had appeared before my self. but where have I lost myself .

Then I realised, on the run I had lost the path of life, when the first rain arrives I have forgotten to get wet and just be happy, what I remember is where I have to go, do not remember the taste of the drops of rain which fall on me and come slipping onto my lips and then I taste it with my tongue , have lost the appetite for a fresh drop of rain water. I remember what’s party is on tonight but forget to make a call to my mother. Have forgotten how I used to run on the hot sand and dive into the water, what I remember is my television has 108 channels and what soap is to come at what time. I do know what’s happening in the world (courtesy internet) but do not know what my neighbour is going through. I am connected to the world through my mobile and landline but the connection to my best friend is lost somewhere. I do not remember when I last saw the setting sun, neither have felt the evening pass by for long, do remember whom I have to meet tomorrow but do not remember whom I have to remember to remember myself. I know what my bank balance is right now but have forgotten to ask dad for my pocket money. I know what I like to eat most but have forgotten to ask my mom to prepare for it. if this is life then what’s the use of living it, if this is life then is it better then death itself.

Three friends had a fight one day and decided to go in different directional and meet at the same point after twenty years and see who is been the best ion life, they meet after twenty years and see that two out of the three have grown rich and have lots of richness with themselves, but the third one, he remained there in the village and was standing there where they had parted from some twenty years ago and welcomed them with his open arms. They started talking and the first two friends started telling each other how they had worked hard to reach that point in their lives. As they were walking they come in front of a huge temple and were surprised to see that it was his third friend who took care of the temple and many people came there to pay respect to GOD. the two friends remembered it was the same place which was taken to be haunted and not a single person ever went it side it, and toady it was because of their friend that the place had gained such a respect. what ever they had done all their lives was nothing compared to what this man had done , he had changed the way people think , and it had made their life better, this temple not only was a place for worship but it also had a small clinic where the poor could be cured and talked care of , it also had room for travellers where food and shelter was for free. What more could this man ask for from his life?

Once I had a fight with one of my very close friends and our teacher came to know about this, she called us both and asked why we had fought . each of us told what we thought was the cause e of the fight , then she told us , there are three ways of taking things in your life, first inseam right and you are wrong , the second you are right and I am wrong ,both of these are negative ways of taking life, the third and the most beautiful way of taking it is what I think according to me is right and what the other person things according to him it his right in his own way , so both of us are right but in our owns ways and thinking , so what we need is to sit down and see where we can come to a conclusion which is acceptable to both of us. That’s one of the beautiful ways of life I have acquired.

So life was easy once and now its difficult , but whets the use of life where I don’t learn it the hard way, after all I have a single life to live and its given me opportunities to live all the different emotions one by one ,I have been happy and sad, been excited and depressed , frustrated en me as well and sometimes success has given me immense pleasure, but that’s what life is for, it cant be stagnant , change is the only thing which is permanent. so lets live by it , and hey I like it this way, so come what may I will always like it.






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