One of my juniors in school has recently joined one of the biggest media houses in India. And after that it has not been a day on which I have not received his SOS calls , and when I am not available I have received mails, which are troubling sometimes and also very disturbing other times, well good for him and bad for me , that I have to be available for him, not because I could help him but because we are from the same school and I have to help my brothers and they have to do the same for anyone of us if we ask for it, that’s the promise we made to our brother hood,. It has been a month since he has been working there and he feels he is not needed there because he s not given anything substantial to do. I had a good laugh over it, and I told him that when I started working, and it was my first day I was told to arrange all those tapes where the bytes are in a cabinet, I knew I was not meant for it, but hey what the heck I needed to know how to keep them properly so that we could find it later whenever we As in the production house needed it . so I sat down for almost six hours in that small room which smelt of rats and arranged not only the cabinet which I was told to do but also others where dust has settled and had made their home, I had to evacuate them from there and tell him that the master at last was there and they needed to be moved out , for from now on it s the clean environment which was to stay there, when my producer arrived there in the evening angry about me spending so much time on one single cabinet , he was for sure surprised to see the room clean like anything and also actually could not recognize me for sometime as I was full of dust all over me. No work is small, you have to learn every thing in a production house to be there for long and be a good producer yourself one day. Few days after that we had to go out to get some bytes (for the ones who don’t know what it is, it’s the small shots we get from a camera at one go, when we do it the send time it’s the second byte) So there I was with the team and this time the producer told me to go and arrange tea and snacks for the team as the completed taking all the shots , well if he would have been at my place he would have thought hey man I have a degree in communication and I am not supposed to do this at all , I am supposed to be reporting and communicating . What am I doing here, that question did come in my mind many times during my internship and during that time I not only learnt how to arrange the tapes but also how to arrange tea and lunch and dinner for the whole team, infact after my three months of internship I knew what my team wanted and how to arrange it. I had been trained not on the aspects of the camera not even the editing part of it, the scripting was something of an alien stuff for me then, and producing the show , out of question, after those three months I was taken in as a regular employee and the third day I was told to handle a project on y own , I was shocked , scared at the thought of it, I looked at my producer in disbelief , was he saying it or was he just kidding , I virtually tried pinching my self not believing an single word of his, any way’s was given team , a cameraman , a script writer few new interns who had come in and a budget within which the whole work was to be done,. I sat down for two days and prepared the plan as to how the work is to be done, since I had seen most of the tapes in the room that day I somehow remembered few tapes from which I could take some help , the next day after that I sat down with my editor and those tapes and I told him about the idea which I had for that show, on the editing table we sat for almost 14 hours with tea breaks in between , but when we got up we had 80% of the show ready without going out for shoot and without spending anything out of the budget . But still there was 20% of the work still to be done. so called one of the person who used to do voiceovers for our production house , (he is one of the voices we get to hear today on the Fm radio in the town) till that time the script writer had finished writing the script and I had told him earlier to write four different drafts for the show and all four were ready and I was pleased to see that , we chose something from one and some other from the other three , so had the script ready and the voice over was recorded, we had some background music in store, then we used AVID to complete the editing . I had been given 15 days to complete the production, whereas we had already finished 80% of the work in just 5 days so the remaining 10 days was something I wanted to take advantage of, So for the next few days we went to different places and talked o different people we got some more bytes to add and then we added al of them together. Finally on the fourteenth I told my producer to have a look at the product which was ready , he saw everything and said nothing and went out , he didn’t even ask question s neither did he say it was good or bad, heart broken I cam back to the editing room and sat down on the editors table and saw the whole product my self I couldn’t fine a place where I had gone worn, that was of course result of overconfidence but still I had no choice but to wait for what the producer had to say, he said nothing for the next few days .in-between I fell ill and had to stay back home I wrote a mail to the producer telling him about my illness. When I returned back to the production house a letter was lying on the table for me and the producer was no where to be seen , I hesitated for sometime and then opened the envelope , I was surprised to see what was there , a ticket to Hyderabad and a letter telling me that I was invited by one of the leading news channels in India for an interview , I still have the letter with me , was surprised looking at letter and was more surprised as the whole trip was paid, it was also written that my stay had been arranged at the film city in Hyderabad . I don’t know why am I telling this to you all, may be its just because I want to share what happened to me when I was struggling to make a space for myself or may be I have been trying to tell this my friend who has been worried doing smaller things in the studio that no work is small, it’s a part of the whole production and you will have to learn each and every aspect of it to do what you have to do. Few things I learnt during my stunt with the media houses, patience, politics, perseverance, learn on the run, keep your eyes pen , be responsible for everything around you, if its not your job, its no one else’s . So everything happening around you is your responsibility. actually it’s the tea who handles the production, every single show every single shot has to be such that everyone has to be involved in it and everyone from the chaiwala to the producer is responsible for it, but his does not make the chaiwals work quite less, the produce and the team members may be dying for a cup of tea and if the chaiwala does not come in time then the whole production team will suffer, why am I saying this, it because”been there done that”

One should not ask questions when one is working a good driver should know about the parts of the vehicle he is driving, a good cook will have to know the quality of the masala he uses, and a good worker should know every aspect of his work.


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