That’s what life is,
Sweet and Sour
take it as it comes
dnt get bored.

there may be times
when you loose your hope
Have patience
for they will come back surely

many a times you may be lost
walk a while
and find youself there
where you wanted to be

there may be people
who let you down
smile a while
and see them come along

you may be happy
but noone to share
give it all away
and say you dont care.

For saddness in your bones
may make you shiver
but living a life
was never much easier

the colors of your life
when you see them fade
look at the rainbow and steal a few.

lift you heart so high
that everyone could see
what you were and
what you could be

do it all when you really want to
for the time may come
when you no more
can do.

well that is life
for what you see
at a time so complex
momentarily, yet so easy.

with ups and downs
and whatever it has
embrace it all and
give it a hug

for what you give
might be less
it demands more and more
untill to them yousay a yes

and thats what it is
such a long journey yet so short
living one at a time
is such a hurt.

So dont ask questions as to what it is
go by the rules
at what cost maybe, and it will always be
as it is , and as it has always been.



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