Sex, Do i want it?

I have a friend who asked me to write something about his topic, well not actually this, what she wanted me to think about is, as a wife or may be girl friend or anyone, as a lady she has the choice to say no to sex if she does not want to get involved in the exercise. What specifically she wanted me think about is, if a wife does not want to have sex with her husband and her husband forces her to have sex with him, does that not amount to rape, Rape not only of her physical body but also of he emotional self, and also of the trust which she has for her husband, and also for the self respect. She looses a lot when that happens, or does she? That question is something I cannot answer because I have never been through one and will probably not let anyone go through it because of my desires. I am sure this happens a lot all over the scattered society and everything is just felt and left with, I know most of the ladies might be feeling the same when that happens to them but just because it has been happening to them everyday almost that they have got used to it and they now are living with it day and day out. They have never spoken a word against it , why, is it because they love their husbands who violates her , or is it because of the social dogma, that she has to be a bed partner to her husband and make him feel happy out there.

As a man I believe that is totally inhuman and illegal, if a lady does not want to have sex with you she has the right to deny and we men have the right to respect it, and if we are not respecting it then we are going against our own self, well is that so?

I don’t know about what can be done about it legally but what I think is , first she has the right to deny it, second she has the right to talk about it with him, giving him enough time to understand and make him know that what she feels is her choice and he has to respect it, third she has the right to file a complain , She can ask for divorce on that grounds, fourth she can also ask for compensation for the emotional trauma she had to go through because of the humiliation she had to go through, the law can charge the husbands for forcibly asking her to have sex with him , amou8nting to rape, well I think it should also be homicide cause when that happens the lady in question is already dead, not physically though.

Don’t know if anyone of them will ever raise a question on this but I can just hope that there is just one lady who does it and then the rest of them will realize that they have the right to say NO.


2 responses to “Sex, Do i want it?

  1. Praveen,
    first of all, m fed up of ur regular emails advertising ur company and products but blog sounds intg.

    I know two young ladies who have been into the similar situations. but world doesn’t just ends here…i know some guys as well who have same complaint….they go home after working like donkeys all day long..tired and tensed for next day…and asap they reach home, their wives expect a power play on bed..which cant be physically accepted and neither virtually denied for obvious reasons…

    but yes, men are on the dominating side and women are the victims majorly…
    I hope nothing of these cases would happen to u 🙂

  2. Greetings Bhooooot ,

    First of apologies for the mails, as they are sent on regular basis to keep everyone informed regardingthe new developments with the products, I agree that there is a problem regarding this and it is quite often that this leads to toher problems at home and also other places, Somnetmes it leads to a Divorce, Children suffer and also the family members , the best way is to talk it out, may be take the other person out in some better place away from home and talk about it for long, most difficult problems are resolved by talking, So go Ahead and talk.

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