The Child in Me

The child in me says good bye to the world , its happy with the mist of the morning which settles on the leaves and when the child touches it drops on the earth and mingles with it, trying to look for it , the child looks on the earth but finds none, so he goes on looking for more. IN that search he gets more deeper into the jungle and comes to a place where he sees only green leaves tall trees and lots of flowers all around, he is so happy about his discover, he thinks he is the one who has discovered that place and he owns the place. the feeling is great till the time he realize that he is all alone there and now seeks for company , he gets scared and now looks for his way out, the beauty , solitude and green everything around scares him, his discovery is not that he wants anymore, he somehow manages to find his way out reaches the main road and goes home to tell everybody about the place he has discovered, sad but true his parents know about the place already and he is told not to go there anymore as that place is not safe. The child in me says good bye to emotions, sentiments, desires, hopes, dreams. It just wants to have a good night sleep without any worries except for the kites and the kanchas he wants to play with the next morning, he does not even wants to be worried about the homework he has, he knows he will manage with the teacher scolding him in front of the class he is not worried about it at all, that is none of his concern. He likes his football, his share of ice-cream very evening, his cup of tea and irritatingly his glass of milk. But he wants to say good bye to the state wherein he finds himself entangled in the midst of emotions and does not have a way to come out. He is free of responsibilities and is also free of thoughts that have no meaning but they do come.

I felt it again that the child in me is still so happy , it never complains about anything that is happening around he is just happy and content with himself , that is what his life is about , just himself.





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