Being In “LOVE”

The most desirable state for any fascinated soul, being in love. Loosing touch with your self for sometime, reinventing yourself as someone else, who is liberated to the extent of being not the self? The self merges with the other self without loosing its identity as one; White is the color inviting all other colors to be just the same” WHITE”.

Flying at the pace of wind, jumping from one emotion to the other. The state of being no one to the state of being everybody. Touching the soul of our own and also being one without a soul altogether. There’s so much to gather but so less to scatter. When giving becomes a desire ,taking a want. When defeat is welcomed with open arms, meaning looses its meaning.

When thinking and dreaming becomes a constant companion in our awakened state. A thought seem to come and go and takes with it a lots of hope. Life becomes a burden without weight and looses its identity just in case; something else was to take its place. When you loose the authenticity of your existence but don’t question one. When silence becomes a friend who never betrays. Time looses its own measure and passes by. When light gets into the darkness and looks for a space for its escape. When silence tells a story untold. When you and i are nowhere and everywhere lost in the whispers of our breadth, when the words are left unheard but the silence felt.
When you regret what you have said and cherish what you have not.
That’s the state of “being in love”

SAD it never lasts long.


3 responses to “Being In “LOVE”

  1. Thank God it never lasts long , or else we would be fooled till then time we would forget to realise that we have been fooled. This sounds interesting as all the emotions that are bound to be visited while we are in love have no meaning untill an unless we feel the feeling of being in love.

  2. Very well written except for the very last line….I dont agree…..

  3. its fine that u dont agree, what i write is what i feel and what i see around me , i am sure most of us will not agree, somtimes even i dont agree to most of the things i say, so its quite natural. anyways thanx for dropping in.

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