Gandhi and my Questions

GANDHI, truth , non violence, vegetarianism, brahmacharya,simplicity and faith were the principles which he taught the world, well the same old ones though but he made us realize how important it is to be such a simple man with enormous powers, I find it difficult to digest sometimes when some of us say he was just weak old man, I think he is the strongest warrior India has ever produced, and who says he was not violent , he was but in a non-violent way, sounds different right, but that’s what I feel. Well truth is strong but how strong he never told us, we had to realize the strength ourselves, Brahmacharya was something he followed, and here I don’t understand one thing, how can one be a brahmacharya after having four kids, sounds funny to me, don’t know about others, and hey don’t you worry I am not criticizing him at all, its just that the small intelligence in my small brain does not take it correctly, may be.Well talking about my dad, he taught me all the same but it was quite different then I know about the principles of Gandhi, sometimes I sit and ponder over things my dad has taught me , and I realize maybe whatever he taught me was something that was viable during our times here and was is ethical to use these principles as eating your lunch, well let me tell you what my dad taught me , First and the foremost, Son you need to be truth full and if you cant do that be near to the truth always, and if you fail and you have to tell a lie then tell it so many times that it becomes a rumour first then a story and then an unqualified truth. Sounds different, right. Ha it was same for when I first heard it. Second thing which my dad taught me was about non violence, you don’t have to fight to win there are other ways to do it, when you have an opponent who is stronger then what you are, you have to show him, pretend may be, that you are very week and not even comparable to his strength, that will give you time to evaluate his strength and will also give you ideas to win over him. It all depends upon your mind; if you have a weaker opponent what you have to do is show him that you are so strong that’s its useless fighting with you, what would benefit him is to be your friend, a friend to someone stronger will help him keep himself safe. It all lies in the mind son, if you can control his mind then you are the strongest, I think this was the same principle which Gandhi applied to the real life when fighting for the independence. Well he showed he was in fact the whole of India was a week country which was being harassed for the last two hundred years and are now united but are still weaker and in the same time he was controlling the minds of not only the Indians but also the whites. In today’s world this formula would not work but yes that time it did, now India will not take even a day to reply back to any intrusion, I hope.
Being a veggie, well that was never a problem for me, as I was born in HINDU Brahmin family, never had had the taste blood, was taught to eat veggie things and live with that, well I did till the time I was at home but since I have moved from there I tasted blood first, and I have liked it from then onwards. But here again I have a thought to put in, which my dad told me once when I was arguing over my freedom of choice to eat whatever I wanted. Lets say if, hypothetically if there were animals on this earth who were stronger and more intelligent then what we are, and if they would make us their food, that is, one fine morning you wake up and find that your dad is gone and is now a nicely flavoured dish for some other species and that species is actually enjoying the taste of your fathers flesh would you be thinking just the same then, FREEDOM OF CHOICE TO EAT?. The animals whom you eat have a life, have a family, have emotions, they cry with pain, they smile, They feel all those things which you do equally on this earth, Its just that you are human and they cannot protect themselves from you that is why they become your food, Go and try killing tigers bare handed and they will let you know what the real taste of blood is. Well I dint have an answer to all this, but again couldn’t stop my taste buds from asking or more. I try to avoid eating animals anymore but the taste buds, they are naughty.
Brahmacharya, well that is something my dad didn’t teach me and I couldn’t help myself either, I remember him saying it once, not all people have the courage and dedication to remain single all their life. One need to be very dedicated to a certain goal, a man needs a family cause that gives him a goal that is to see that his family is taken care of and they all live happily ever after. Well I think this thought is that of the late fifties and we have to improve it a bit, but anyways we are not complaining still.

Simplicity, well my dads lives a simple life, so do I, with simple needs, simple desires and simple ways of life, may be its because of the political sensitization he went through during his college times, I have different ways but have nothing to say about it, its his life let him enjoy the way he wants, but when it comes to faith we stand apart, there are times when I don’t want to attend religious function cause economically its not doable for me , I have to travel 1600 kilometres just to attend a single day ceremony and also spend a good amount of money , and believe me I don’t believe in any of the religious function, maybe because I am a rebel by birth. I have a question, like all other choices I have had why wasn’t I given choice to choose and follow a faith after evaluating it , how can you have faith ,you need to test it and see if you are satisfied then you can go ahead and embrace that faith to be yours, I have read most of the religious books available ,more about “SANATANA” dharma cause that’s what I am supposed to have faith in, and a bit less about others but whatever I have read or heard or felt, I find no difference in any of these religions. Hey why am I confusing everything with faith and religion, maybe cause this was and is what is being done to me as well, till date I have never been able to understand what my faith wants me to do and not to.

May be if I have faith in myself that is more then enough I don’t know if my dad will agree to this but yes if GANDHI JI would have been here , he surely would.



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