The “F” word for “FAMILY”



The “ F “ Word for “FAMILY”



Now who is Mr Right, everyone and anyone can be that , here I am not talking about Mr Perfect right , I am talking about the person who think s he is always right, this could be anyone or everyone of us, we always think that we are right  and the person in front of us is always wrong or does not have the right thinking to take it right , he is incapable of deciding what could be the right thing, and its only you who knows what the right is, That’s what we think and that is what is stopping us from being more clear and more open to options here and more


Now as we are growing up as an individual and also as an independent individual , with open mind, open thoughts an educated mind and a free soul , we are tend to have problems at home , there are parents whom we think don’t understand us at all, there are people in our family who have different point of view on everything we think. For sure there are going to be differences in our day today activitios as they are growing old and we are still in the basics, they have lived their life and had their own experiences which is by the way , way too ahead of us , that is why having differences is very usual, Now how to cope with it.


  1. Understanding :


This is the most vital part of the whole process, understanding the other persons point of view even if we disagree we have to give it a thought , be in the other person’s shoes and try and think the way they are doing it, this is not so difficult , it does take some time and a lots of practise before we start thinking the way they think and we have done that we can always find a way out.


  1. Talking:


      Talking things out solves most of the problems with anybody and is the easiest way out, Now talking does not mean proving your point of view and winning the talks, it means finding a solution for whatever you are talking about, Talking is always mistaken for a debate or negotiation, well it is not either of them, talking is talking simple .


  1. EGO


Keep your ego away; this spoils the most beautiful of the relationships we might know of. This does not let us speak our heart out, this stops us from crying if we want to. Crying is a vital part of our lives , I cry for every small thing and I am not ashamed to say that, I am not a baby but  crying is just one of the emotions that I am gifted with, why not use it when I want to , makes me feel lighter and better after I do that, I have asked most of my friends when they are in a deep trouble and feel everything has ended to cry and cry till u feel tired of crying, this is called crying therapy, I don’t know about others but this has surely helped most of my friends and it has always been helpful .Remember this Ego stops you from doing it, you feel if you cry in front of that person the other person might think that your are a weak person but crying is a strength and not weakness , very few people have the strength to cry oin front of other people, have you seen the children crying and see how happy they are oin life, its just because we have forgotten how to cry that we are so sad today. So go ahead forget yourself for sometime and cry in the time you think your should. Crying sometimes takes most of the burden away.


  1. Surrender :


Well surrender or compromise you can call it either, I took surrender as you see family members are the dear ones and because of the love you have for them and they have for you, its better to surrender sometimes and compromise the other, it does not matter, at least you are not doing it for anyone else you are doing it for yourself and you family , there is not outsider involved. Once you do it you might feel bad as why is it that’s its only you who ahs to do it always. Why YOU? But later part of your life you will realise that you were the lucky one who got the opportunity to do that for your family. You were blessed with the capability to compromise and surrender but still instead of all the difficulties you have lived beyond that. Salute yourself for doing that and give yourself a hug every time and everywhere. This will make you a happier person.


  1. Departure:


“All the world’s a stage and all the men and women are merely players, they have their entrance and exit, and one man in his time plays many parts” W. Shakespeare.

Remember one thing the family member’s who are here today will no longer be there tomorrow and then you will be left all alone in this world to take things the way you want to, there will be no one to question what you are doing and why aren’t you doing things which you don’t want to do, but before that, thank god that they are here and you have loads to talk about.


  1. Identity:


Well most of us have this problem, IDENTITY, we think we have our own identity and we should be respected for what we are, think about your parents they might be thinking the same , why not start respecting them first and in return we will get what we are giving , Start respecting their presence please. Start listening to them and their logic most of the times they re right, I say this because I have felt it.


Like these there are many more things to be considered, I would be happy if you can contribute to this and help all those who might need some clarification on the “F” word for “FAMILY”






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