Marriage and its preparations

Kinds of dear ones



There are different kinds of dear one , first the ones who are actually dear, second the ones who act as if they are very dear and you act too, and the third are the ones who are dear to your dear ones. These compile our small world, Now its hard time that I sat down and thought about me getting married, and then I thought how many people would be there to be invited, I sat down to make a list, I started with my dear ones and then the second category and then the third, well for third I had to work out a bit and a bit more of confusion was created as the mail I sent had the subject “Invitation for my marriage”.


So here the confusion and inclusion of all those people began, first it started with many  mails and phone calls asking me if I was really going to get married , by the end of the day in was tired of answering those calls and clarifying that what I was actually trying to do. Finally I thought about writing a letter saying I was not getting married, another episode started after that, people who had not called me earlier started calling me now , giving their condolences and explaining  that it happens and not to worry I will get some other girl, better and worthy. Wow,man what confusion over the inclusion of people on my marriage.


So then all confusions created and then clarified I sat down with the list, looking at it I was worried, total of six hundred people to be invited, now started the deletion of those people who didn’t matter much, first draft completed, still the number was above five hundred. Second draft , third draft , and finally the fourth draft gave me some satisfaction as it had come down to two hundred something. That was fine I thought, then I called a friend of mine and asked about the costing of the ceremony, I wont take his name here but I can assure you as for the arrangements goes he is the best person to get in touch with, and negotiating prices is his art. Well he came home and we started with the minor things and after an hour we had the total cost of the affair.


The amount was huge, I mean I could go to Switzerland, Italy, France and come back in that amount (all expenses included) , and then the amount spent on travelling if the marriage had to be in Delhi, wowo, great . At the end of the sitting and after couple of hash bash here and there we decide to cut down on few more things, didn’t matter as no mater how hard we tried to bring the amount of expenses down it didn’t effect much on the total balance,


Finally I thought its better to postpone it for few more years for now, maybe by then I might  come up with better prices, and hey I have started negotiating with the vendors now, when the time comes I will certainly get a good deal, may be in the next three years. LOLZ


2 responses to “Marriage and its preparations

  1. HAHA….nice one….wonder if u will eva get married…..:))

  2. haha, well i will , one i get some good prices, i certainly will.

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