Every one has amazing fantasies lingering in their minds and for sure they would want them to come true. I was awake right in the middle of night and could hear the cars moving on the street, their horns blowing and the wind whistling, suddenly it started to drizzle and I could hear the rain drops hit the window pane and make that amazing sound that they usually make, then it started raining heavily and the sound increased and now I could hear the sound on my roof too, we had a tin roof as it is seen normal in the hills , with wooden houses and tin tops. The rain made such beautiful sound that hearing it was like a lullaby and I felt asleep again,


Long time ago when I was thinking about growing up and stop complaining about  things that I wanted and I dint get , so then I decided I am not going to want anything more in life, I will just have desires not demands.



I have had this habit of talking to new people now and then specially ladies and I have made it to a point of going out on a date with them only once though, as ladies whom I go out with, I don’t want to repeat the same again, not with the same person.


Now this is what  I usually do, I talk to someone , maybe a long lost friend, a friend of a friend or someone who is there on any of the social groups, I talk to them for few days and then I call them for a date which usually being Indian have that cliché that every time you call a girl out it is either for sex or that you are looking for a relationship,  mine is neither , its just that I want to treat my self to a nice evening, its not for the lady at all, its all for me , my desire.


I remember a special one  in which I had a talk with one of my friends friend, she was nice working and was a Bengali , so I thought we might have quite a few things which might be quite common between us, but any7wasy I took her to one of the best restaurants in Delhi, but as the time passed over the cups of wine and good food, I found out that she was very irritating and very upsetting as she used to sneeze after every sip of wine, I don’t know why but anyway we finished our dinner and date , but as the waiter came in with the bill, I thought why not be a bit naughty as I have not enjoyed the evening and it was she who was to be blamed, so I decided that I would make her pay for the evening, when the bill came I told  her to make the payment , which she willingly did , I was amazed that no girl had ever done that  willingly and here she was doing it without any feeling of loosing anything. Anyway we walked out of the restaurant and were moving in the park along the restaurant, she told me that this was one of the most beautiful evenings she had ever spent from the time she had come to Delhi, and how nice it was for me to invite her for the evening and she thanked me for time I had spent with her, I felt guilty about making her pay, since then we have remained a very good friend ,well it was not about the paying part but more then that , the way she expressed herself that was something special and something better then what I had expected ,  I attended her marriage last month and the way she introduced me to her husband I am sure her husband would be thinking twice inviting me to his home. WINK.


Well lately I have realised that going out on a date without any intentions is a better one, its just that we like someone and ask them out not thinking about anything not wanting anything out of it , just thinking about having a nice person to spend time with , I think that’s a better  one seriously has worked wonders with me, I have been on such single dates quite often few of them have remained friends for long but almost ninety eight percent of them have not been contacted after that, but still I  enjoy the dates still. Looking for a new one this weekend, but this time its in Bhuvneshwar.



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