Prank, gone all wrong

The best way to keep my word is to never give it, that is what I have done all this while not give a word to anyone, who knows the time when I have to keep my word is such, that the circumstances don’t give me a chine even bit to keep it, so to be in a safer side I do not give one at all. Every saint has a past, every sinner has a future, well said, I did have a past and I also have a future of the same kind.


I have a friend Preeti , we were batch mates in college, now she works with a media house, now she has a habit for blabbering a lot , and there’s not even a chance which she lets it go from her hand, I called her a few weeks ago , and right when she picked up the phone she told me that she had got married and I did talk to the guy . Well how would I know that she was doing just what she is good at and it was totally a hoax. Well that’s fine, we had a talk again , this time it was in a chat room and she told me that a friend of ours were getting married the next day, I got the friend number  , called and congratulated her, while talking to  her she told me that her marriage was that very day and not the next day, well well , this was another one which preeti had played on me, this was what I thought till now,


Next day I  was on my way to Kolkata and in the middle of the journey I got a call from preeti , saying I have been the worst person in her life, I wondered what gave her the feeling, on asking further she told me that the friends marriage was on the day before and I didn’t tell her about it , well I thought it was she who was playing pranks on me , but this time prank had played a prank on her, she was ready to go to the marriage with all the sari and the accessories, well and then she had called this  friend and the friend had told her that she was already married and it was on no use her going there, honestly didn’t know about it , I thought she was playing a prank on me . and now she was ready to go to a marriage which had already taken place a day earlier,


So guys beware of what you say and what you do, it might hit you back.



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