Silver lining

Once upon a time there lived a prince , he found a princes while he was on his his way in the jungle, he was in the jungle for hunting animals, but when he saw blood oozing out of their body when he had hit them with an arrow , he felt sad and sat down below a tree and was crying and then he heard a someone cry louder then him , so he went after the voice and saw a beautiful princess crying besides her broken car, car you mist be wandering , prince and princess and where does this car come from in the middle of the story, I don’t know , actually I was not trying to tell you a story , I was here to talk about something else.

 I wanted to know about our pictures which we upload in different social network folders, well most of them are the happy ones, the happiest memories that we carry along with each photograph. So many emotions,  and sentiments entangled in that particular folder, its like a small world in it self, every picture has a story in them, every snap that you have , you have the moments in front of you, when you look at them , you live a different life when you look  at them you to the past from the present . takes you to a place and time when your were amazingly happy and you enjoyed every moment of it .



I have been wandering how many of us keep those or even take photographs of the time when we are sad, unhappy, fighting, dishevelled, frustrated, depressed or in any state which does not give us any pleasure. Does it mean that we don’t want to remember all those moments, or is it just that we don’t remember them and don’t want to either? That is what it is , all those moments are momentary and they carry no value at all, all those obstacles that we see are the one ones which tell us how far are we from our goal, how much more an effort is to be applied in order to overcome these obstacles.


That is what our nature is we don’t want anything that displeases us, anything that makes us remember that those things that happened are not the ones which we really wanted. I have been going through different profiles and pictures just to find someone who has those pictures included in his folder which shows how sad he was when that happened and how depressed he was. Etc. let me know if you see one.


Everything has a silver lining, which means anything that happens has a positive side to it, its just your perception that makes it what you think it is. Look for the brighter side, look for the silver lining.


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