The day before

I believe we write our own stories, someone said life happens, when we are planning other happenings around us, like we miss life when it’s actually taking place. Missing all of them is not our option but we don’t realise it go, how today becomes yesterday and tomorrow comes and goes becoming yesterday and day before and then it’s lost into oblivion. Wow that’s time and we don’t realise it passing through us.


Every story has a happy ending and if the happy ending hasn’t come then its still not the end. You have to wait for the ending still and that is what you should be waiting for, as that ending is something you have been waiting and wanting, so why not wait for it for some more time.


IF life could be mine , all alone I don’t mind, but I share with many other, if time could be mine all alone , better, but I give it to so many other. There are loads of things you run after , sometime materialistic sometimes other, nut the others are the ones who matter a lot, may be the other has so much of influence on your mind that the day  before is the only memory you have in your detached mind, I think its time for our mind to remember the day before once again and make our self happy for an ounce more then what we presently are, so many wishes but very few wants , most quenched and most still to touch the tongue and leave its taste.


The day before was not so sweet though , but I was sweeter then today and yesterday , tomorrow I don’t know what the taste is going to be like but the day before is where my memory stills lies. Sour thoughts still visit my mind very often and they do tell me about what the feeling was, then, when this has taken place. Now what am I saying , why am I lost in the yester years of the day before, today is more beautiful and it has handful of happiness and opportunity with it, but honestly finding one self in this today of today is quite a difficult so in order to meet myself sometime, I do have to go to the day before.


2 responses to “The day before

  1. Good thought-provoking post. I agree that many times, we go through life doing our own thing, not even paying attention to what is happening around us, where we are going, and what goals we have for the future. Sometimes it is important to just stop and reevaluate life.

    What makes you say that everything has a happy ending? As for me, I have not seen that in my short existence on the earth, though I believe that in the very end after death I will find perfect peace and contentment with my Savior. So in that sense, I am waiting for happiness, but I do not expect to find it on earth.

    Also, how do you define happiness? You mentioned that seeking materialistic things is not as beneficial as running after other things. What kind of things makes you happy? Perhaps I mean “you” as the individual I am writing this to, but probably “you” is more directed toward humans in general. I’ll rephrase the question: What kind of things should people seek to be happy?

    So those are my thoughts and questions. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to respond!

  2. Thanks for dropping in, as for your question, and my statement that evry thing has a happy ending, and u say that there is no happy ending at all ,a su have not received them yet, which justifies my statement, the story is still on, the day achieve happiness, there will be something else that you will be after , so the search and the story never end, in life or in death.

    Happiness is abstract and cannot be defined, it is as poure an emotion as hunger, or anger, so cannot have a theory for achieving it , and for humans in general, this si something which keeps on changing according to theri needs and wants, and desires, and then hunger……………………..

    Sorry cannot define it ……

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