Was i in love ?

Has anyone said I love you to you, well quite a few have said that to me, and I realise it now that I was wrong to take it as if it was just infatuation, I have said it once and the effect is still there in my mind body and soul, it has not gone anywhere, and even if I try to forget it, it comes back as if it cant live without me. That’s how it is the feeling of falling in love; it remains for the rest of the life. Wow,


Now I wonder whom was I in love with, I think about all those people who have been quite close to me but I don’t remember someone whom I loved, but I am sure it was someone and someone was there whom I loved anyways still trying to figure it out, the day I come to know about it, I will surely acknowledge it .i hope I will get a chance to do it.


10 responses to “Was i in love ?

  1. oneofthosewhosaidtheyloveu

    maybe she has moved on bt she sumwhere still loves u.. otherwise y wud she be awake this time and read ur blog…but this time she will not tell u for sure.. because u will still thnk its her imature infatuation when she clearly knws dat she has always loved u and prayed for ur best.. alas shes nt the best for u otherwise u wud hv chosen her long ago…
    tk cr mr. dwivedi

  2. well it has been such all my life, as if i care as to who love sme and who does not, i love myself and that is the only thing i am bothered with, ITs her problem if she wakes up at this time of the night and reads my blogs, who would care about it not me, cause i can never be in love , i am already in love wiht the feeling of falling in love.

  3. oneofthosewhosaidtheyloveu

    right u can only love urself coz it takes a very big courage to love sum1 and be responsible to keep her happy.. to make her smile.. to give her shoulder when she wants to cry… but mr dwivedi seeems to be a loner in the crowd.. keep loving urself forever.. but if u never want to love any1 dun try to use her to experiment wid ur own emotions… coz it hurts and only those who r in love know how it feelz wen it hurtss

  4. Experiment, well you got me wrong there, its not one that experiments , its everyone and anyone who experiments, i am sure i have never ever told anyone that might have sounded as an experiment , as i am totally ignorant of the term” experiment” and for sure i will always love my self , as this helps me understand what i love. how i want to be treated and i do the same with others, if ther eis something that might hurt me , it will certainly hurt the other ,. so i make it sure that i dotn do anythign that might hurt the other, the best way to love the worl is to firt love yourself, a suggestion, try doing this , it might help………………………love urself.

  5. oneofthosewhosaidtheyloveu

    Mr. Dwivedi u must understand that just the way u thnk sumthngs that hurt u mite hurt others.. there are many thngs which dun hurt u yet they hurt others… but u dun realise this.. every individual feels the same thngs but at different situation… and thats what i want to let u knw.. when u thnk a chapter has finally closed forever and u have thrown that person out of ur life… its nt necessary that the person has done the same… sum1 mite just be there far away frm u yet praying for ur best.. sum1 feels so helpless dat she cannot detatch herself frm the words u shared wid her.. for those feeling she felt when she spoke to u… when u told her u loved her.. and then she reads these blogs and realising u were never in love wid her,, but u just wanted to enjoy that feeling of being in love…!! u know what hirts… not the fact that u no longer loved her.. but the feeling that u never did.. !! it really hurts that u see dreams of a beautiful future and realise that the person is just fantacising it !! u knw when u say u love urself its the best thng 1 can do.. but atleast dun hate sum1 so much that she can never even call u and knw how u r!!

  6. well, well i belive someone has been thinking a lot, i dont know who you are, and dont know why you saying all this , but there should abe a reason bedind it i am sure, i say i love you to many people,it all depends upon the circumstances, i am sorry if you mistook it for something else, but m sure i never ever ment it the way you might have taken whosoever you are, cause if ever i had been in love i would have known , now lets get it clear, i was never under the impression that i was in lvoe with any one , or else i would have admitte the same , it might have been some of the emotions which goes through ones life, which might have generated such a response , rest assured i might not have willingly tried to hurt any one , be it anonmous you………………

    With best regards
    Praveen Dwivedii

  7. Hey Praveen I think, this is getting something personal, wow man, doint know u had a fan following , even earlier then today.i Knoa these days u r the most wanted in our group, dont know it was the same even earlier, means u have been a killer all the while, TOm cruise style ha , u look good these days……………….hehehehe…………….lol

  8. oneofthosewhosaidtheyloveu

    u wud never knw me ever.. nd ya samridhi is rite its getting personal here.. whereas theres nthng i need u to do abt.. sorry 4 bothering u.. pls delete dis all coz i dun want ppl to misunund u nd ur image b affected wid my words… pls tc n bless u… bye..

  9. well this is getting interesting, i think i will follow this page for sometime now, seesm some digging is being done by your blog, some long forgotten story, eheheheh, hey m sorry m not making fun, its just that, we all know that this guy never falls in love, he cant be so stupid, lol and suddenly we hear that u were in love and this someone does want to k=be known, hehehee i find it funny, BLOOOOGS matter a lot these days

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