Child Abortion. (I Support)

According to a recent report by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) up to 50 million girls and women are missing from India’ s population as a result of systematic gender discrimination in India. In most countries in the world, there are approximately 105 female births for every 100 males. In India, there are less than 93 women for every 100 men in the population. The accepted reason for such a disparity is the practice of female infanticide in India, prompted by the existence of a dowry system which requires the family to pay out a great deal of money when a female child is married. For a poor family, the birth of a girl child can signal the beginning of financial ruin and extreme hardship. However this anti-female bias is by no means limited to poor families. Much of the discrimination is to do with cultural beliefs and social norms. These norms themselves must be challenged if this practice is to stop. Diagnostic teams with ultrasound scanners which detect the sex of a child advertise with catchlines such as spend 600 rupees now and save 50,000 rupees later. The implication is that by avoiding a girl, a family will avoid paying a large dowry on the marriage of her daughter. According to UNICEF, the problem is getting worse as scientific methods of detecting the sex of a baby and of performing abortions are improving. These methods are becoming increasing available in rural areas of India, fuelling fears that the trend towards the abortion of female foetuses is on the increase.

Well that’s the statistics and an international view on what’s happening in India, what do you think what is the reason behind it, does abortion effect the balancing factor between two different sexes. it might be who knows we are not sure of things, we get to read reports from different research organisations ,who have a biased approach towards it , they got out for the research keeping in mind only one thing that is to find out , how many abortions have been done, they are not bothered about the reasons behind it, they have nothing to do about what’s happening behind it, most international reports say that in India most of the abortions are done because people don’t want girl child as , a girl grows up and has to be given to marriage ,there is a dowry that has to accompany them. Well that might not be the only reason behind it, there could be many reasons, economical, mental, psychological, emotional, and other s. why can i have a choice to have a child whom i want, if abortion is considered a murder what are the consequences of it.

I don’t understand why sex determination is a crime, why not know the sex of the child who is going to come to life after some time, why don’t i get a choice as to what sex of child would i want , what if i have had boys and i need a girl child and i don’t get it because i don’t get a choice , i think we should grow up to a level where our choices are honoured, this might sound illogical today but the time will come when we can determine X and Y chromosomes and then we can have the sex of the child according to our choice, the time is not far.

India is internationally known as a place where most of the abortions take place every second, there are reports which try to show that its a pathetic situation here , but let me tell you one thing , the number of abortions that happen in India are no less then those happening in most of the developed countries , the reason might be different but yes they are happening and they will keep on happening, i don’t understand why make a fuss about it ,

IF a person does not have a choice of abortions , i think its against human rights, its against the right of an individual to choose what he wants, there is a law which says that abortion is punishable under law, but tell me how, does the unborn child have an identity , or a life, does it have a name , does it have a rasin card, a birth certificate, or anything that defines it identity on this earth, the answer is a big no, then how come abortion is considered a murder, when the person is and has never been alive, its just in the making, it like any other logic that you might apply in your life, its like any other thing that’s happening in your life and you are responsible to choose what you want , why should the law or the government decide if i want a child or not, who is the government and why is the government concerned about what i choose, does the government provide anything for the child that is born , does it give us assurance an guarantee that the education and health and other things in its life will be managed properly, well they might give you an answer that its not their responsibility, so its our responsibility to see if the child who is to get its life will be given everything that it needs to be a good human being , and if we think no we cannot do that ,we have the right to get an abortion done.

I support the choice for abortion i don’t know about others, there might be 10000 reasons for a person to opt for abortion , we cannot be there with them to know the reason, If the government wants to stop that, tell me is it ready to take care of the child that is born. will it take responsibility for the education , employment and other human needs, when you cant provide for them why ask them to come to life, i think it is logical to have an abortion done if you think that you will be unable to do justice to the child’s future.

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5 responses to “Child Abortion. (I Support)

  1. Is abortion murder? It all comes down to the moral issue of what life is and when it begins. If life is sacred and begins at conception, there is no true foundation for abortion. If the view of life is degraded to something less than wonderful and an amazing gift from God, another view that supports the destruction of unwanted lives will take its place.

    Speaking as an American who has studied the moral history of my country very closely, I can see a trend. When the people hold closely to moral values, they excel in everything they do. When the people trade the sacred view on life for an immoral agenda, the country declines in power, strength, and wisdom. The widespread image of the fat, lazy, stupid, loose American is not the norm. It is the progression (or I should say, the retrogression) of a society that has neglected its historical virtues to indulge in pleasures for a season. If things continue as they are now without a reformation back towards morality, the world will see the end of the United States.

    Not that you care. But may the country who upholds abortion as a widely-accepted right beware. The blood of the innocent unborn defiling the earth screams up to heaven and God will not withhold His judgment forever.

    Just as one last note, today marks the anniversary of one of the most tyrannical decisions in American judicial history: Roe v. Wade. I probably wouldn’t have said anything about this post if it weren’t for that fact.

  2. Eli thanks for dropping in , i do agree that according to the ethical, logical, moral ethics laid down by us individuals we would certainly say that its totally against our thinking , but think about this in a way where in we had never thought about it in moral ways and had thought about it mroe logically, an unborn child who is to come to life, and their parents may be asingle mother , does not have the capabilities and strenght to tkae care ofthe child, would it not be justified to not let the chidl come to life. i believ thinking about the way i have been taking it , i belive it would be justified to let the abortion happen, not totally going against it , i woudl say i agree with all the things you say, but again, i have my own thinking about it and you your own.

  3. Well the question that has been raised is quite justified i think, dont know if i waould stand correct if i sadi that i have a choice to abort a child who is living inside me , but yes if the circumstances are such, i will not mind aborting it, sad but true some decisions are painful but have to be taken.

  4. oneofthosewhosaidtheyloveu

    i wish ppl aborted guys by sex determination then u wud have felt the humiliation and hatred for sex determination and abortion.. abortion is fine if sex is unplanned but plan for a guy over a gal.. such men can sleep wid a gal but not raise 1.. looserss.. is girl child a disease u want to get rid of wid abortion then man u grew in a diseased body too…
    go ahead and abort girl child all the coward men coz u doubt ur capability of raising a girl..
    and sum1 needs to brush his knowledge.. life doesnt start once the baby is out or he starts moving.. it starts much bfr that when ur busy taking bath after a hard workout in bed.. ahem

  5. Well friend i agree with whatever you say, if you carefully go through what i have written , i am not at all biased about abortion of a gals child or a boy child , i am for the abortion that happens due to individual choices and when i am talkign about choices , it has to be solely of the lady not the guy , as the guy is not the one carrying the baby, its the lady and she has the right to decide , so its totally her who has the freedom to decide is she wants to abort the child or not , be it boy or girl.

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