August 15th and 26th Jaunuary.

August 15th and 26th Jaunuary.


I don’t understand why is that we get to listen to patriotic songs and huge comments about our independence only on these days or days preceding it, why don’t we talk about these things before or after that date, these days have become more of brand dates then the actually dates or feelings, 50 % discount on merchandise this republic, come and enjoy heavy discounts on the independence day, Lunch with us and get breakfast free for two this republic. This and that, and here and there, in fact almost everywhere everyone seems to offer some or the other benefit on these days, be it discounts or promotional gifts etc . every one tries to gain benefit out of it, it s all about gaining something or the other, there’s no giving at all, hey common we people don’t even pay our taxes in time, forget honestly, the government has to remind us again and gain with their advertisements and circulars, and through other mediums to pay our taxes, every one and anyone is ready to bribe anyone and every one, this is what our state of mind is right now.


No independence nothing its all about gaining profits , lol even that is not coming in properly, the recession has taken a toll on everything, I have not been writing for the last three months , it because I was busy ,well there cannot be any other reason for the same , but looking at it in different ways , I could see that when the Mumbai mishap was happening every news channel was busy reporting and doing this and that, they started new campaigns , well every one looked as if they were in a mess and angry and ENOUGH IS ENOUGH became the slogan as if it had replaced VANDEMATARAM, and month and half after that all those campaigns have gone somewhere , all those people showing their anger have vanished, now 3 minutes of news capsule is heard of what is happening and nothing more then that. Wow what a revolution that’s taking place, I love my India,


Corruption has brought has so far, I am sure it will surely lead us to the place where we want to be, our police officers are the best people whom we can have has friends , whenever they come towards a market place everyone’s eyes are spread away from him, its because if our eyes meet he will certainly ask something or the other, our chaiwala never gives him the bill for all those tea cups he has gobbled, not even for the morning breakfast he does at his small dhaba, not even the shopkeepers ,t he trust him so  much that they don’t even ask him money for the things which he takes home, he is the  most popular man in our area, ever Holi , Diwali, he gets gifts like anything , infact every second person in our locality gives him something or the other,


Government officials are of the outmost importance ,if it was not because of them we would have nothing left to be done, common man we cant expect them to work eight hours a day after all they are humans not machines, they have to reach office by ten, and take rest till 12 and then work for and hour and then take lunch for another one and half hour, till the time they come back from lunch its time for chai nasta, thoda gup shup and then some work, oh god why will work not pile up on his desk , he is just human man, in the evening when he just suits down to do some work its time to go home, its not his fault then. does it make a difference if your traffic inspector takes some bribe and gives you the liberty to drive further even if you have jumped the traffic or even if you were over speeding , well how does it make a difference he has work to do he cannot keep on giving tickets, there are many more things to do , like stopping a loaded truck and checking if it has been overloaded so that he can earn something out of it , like him there are government officials and government office who do many things which are totally illegal , like the recent  tender of installing machines in government offices, well no one even heard about it , but the tender has been given and the machines installed wow man what and idea SIRji.


Well if we start looking at loop holes we will never be able to go ahead in life, so we have only one option left in life is live the way we are, let it be what it is ,and try and move forward the way it is.


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