Few Questions for parents

I have few questions for parents,


  1. Why do parents have exceptional expectations from their children?
  2. Why don’t parents help their children in each and every part of their life,
  3. Why don’t parents treat their children as a human being?
  4. Why do parents not understand that once the child is growing their mental as well as other things is also changing.
  5. Why do parents not understand that when you expect something from the child you need to understand their capabilities first?
  6. Why do parents judge their children?
  7. Why do parents compare their children with someone else?
  8. Why do parents set goals for their children?
  9. Why can parents understand that the child might have their own dreams and expectations?
  10. Why do parents think that giving a good school and good clothes is enough?
  11. Why cant parents think of being individuals then just parents?
  12. Why cant parents understand that even children can make mistakes.
  13. Why can’t they understand that event he child has his own personal problems.
  14. Why cant parents think of giving children some free time for themselves.
  15. Why do parents think that they can decide what kind of friends should their child have, why cant the child decide on his own?


Well these are few questions for parents , if you understand this question and have good answers for them well then you can for sure be one of the good parents we can have around, a second set of questions are coming on its way.


I will be more then happy to help those parents who think they might need some help.


BE ready………………………




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