Everybody gets what he deserves only if he know how to wait.

I read this line when I was a kid, I had people around me who thought hat reading novels was a bad habit, I believe they were uneducated enough to think thus , anyways this is not about them, this is about what the line means, oh by the way this is a line from Leo Tolstoy’s WAR AND PEACE, I read this fourteen hundred plus pages book when I was in class seven , a wonderful piece of art, well if you can think writing is an art then yes of course it is an a marvellous piece of art.



Everybody gets what he deserves in time, only if he knows how to wait. .


Well what a line. Wonderfully said. , that was a line very well said, the thing this lien confirms is that every body does get  what they deserve , it does not deny that they will not get what they want to but the thing that one ms after that is that they wont get it whenever they ask , but they will get it only when the right time comes, now who is it who decides when the right times comes , is it me or you , or is it time which decide when the right time is to come , to think about it no one does , it’s the individual who decides when the right time is to come. It s one attitude, ones hard work, ones proper planning, scheduled, though after plan. That is what is required to get what one wants, now what one wants depends on age and education and also though, also the kind of people one has grown with ecetra.


The last thing which the last rightly says is that person should know how to wait, well everyone waits at one time or the other , but it depends on how you wait, you wait just lying in a bed, or else you can wait the way some very wonderful do, that is while working hard, if you want to wait and enjoy the pride of climbing the Himalayas, then you will certainly have to climb the mountain while waiting for the pride to come, you cant just be standing on the foot of the hill and think about enjoying the pride of climbing it ,


The basic fact of the above line is you have to work hard to get what you want and you will have to know how to get it , both things are important, having a desire and determination is not enough as our elders used to say to get what you want , you need to know how to get it, I have a friend who was very intelligent guy , he wanted to be an engineer, and he sis one right now, now listen to this what he did , he gave his IIT entrance, and for sure he got through it , as he was intelligent as well as a hard worker, but I think that was not what he wanted , he dropped out after his first year in the college , he went to the states and got a job in the silicon valley , today he is one of the top engineers in one of the best companies in the world ,with an education which in India would not fit even for a clerk, but yes he was good at something and knew how to get it , he is happy and rich now, this might be one of the weakest examples I have given but depends how you take it .


There are reasons and amazingly designed circumstance s by time and our individual choices which make us stay away from the pride which we want , but there are many more reasons which help us to reach where we want to , we just need to have an eye for them.

Everybody gets what he deserves in time, only if he knows how to wait.



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