Delhi 6

I thought this could have a beena sweet romantic movie, bu then again watching the movie was a big dissappointment . editing was bad, script not so polished , the later half of the movie is a big goof up. Abhishek is average, Wheeda rehman and others have not been used properly, a film based in one of the oldest places alive, old delhi was not visible at all except the old bulidings . Divya was wasted int he movie, murli aka, thulla was ok , well he is the one who saved the movie a bit, the movie could have worked if the sweet romance between the two leads was more focused on , thought the last part is a total waste, and what a useless man used to tell the story , monkey man, he didnt fit in the story. If i had to give any raking between one and five stars, i would give two and half stars.


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