A Week Ago

Dripping from his mouth there was this child who was looking at his dad to clean that up from his face, his dad looks at him and takes his only handkerchief with him that time and wipes it from the Childs face and happily keeps it back in his pocket, well what an experience to have I wish I could go through that too, well to think about it I need a wife first , well in order to have a wife I need to marry first , a week ago I did that , hey I don’t mean I got married , I told my parents that I wanted to get married, now this whole thing about looking for a girl talking to her and then deciding if I want to get married to her and vice versa, well it think that’s tiring , why not have a remote control for that I mean just a phone may be wherein we dial wife and the person who is suppose to be my wife gets a call automatically and then we talk and meet and then get married, I have dated many till now and none of them have appealed me much enough to get married to ,not saying that they were not incredibly beautiful according my eyes or were not educated enough according to my standards, or anything like that , they were fit and fine , but thing about marriage had never stuck me before but now its hard time I think, I should get married ASAP. So the matter is in their hands now and I feel relaxed about it , its them who have to decide whom I get married to , its them who deice when am I suppose do get married , its them who decide the venue, the clothes , the food, the guests , almost everything and I get a wife, wow what a relief, nice feeling though . So now I have nothing to do, but one thing that’s running me out is patience , since the time I have told them about it , I have lost patience , I want to know the progress what happening whom are they seeing , what have they talked etc . hehehehehehehe that’s funny but its giving me jitters, and it’s a nice thing .


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