Why I recommend reading books,


Well that’s the thing, every does recommend reading books and I do to, its not only because it makes you vocabulary sound good but also take you into a different world, makes you a different person transforms you into totally a different person, helps you understand what is good and what is bad, its not only life that teaches you, it’s the books which teach you a lot, remember the school days when we were kids and we like plenty of stories. we ll the stories told us about people, places about kings and queens about price and princesses, about animals about so many other things and we were all always interested in knowing more about them , as we grow older we tend to forget our favourite time pass , listening and reading to stories, its not that every story is interesting but at the end of it every story has an ending which is either good or bad , even if it is bad there’s a lot to learn from it ,.



I personally recommend reading biographies  and specially auto biographies, its not about learning more about that person but about knowing their experiences  and the things they had to go through in their life ,that’s what we need to know more about , books teach us theories and laws of life , more of it and the better we grow every day, every books gives us something and goes , its upon us how much we grab from them , the melody of words are so enchanting that even if we try to ignore them , we cannot , never stay away from them . So guys make it a habit to read ,s something or the other be it anything , a book  a magazine or anything . Just read.



Keep Reading …………………


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