I am sorry i am a virgin

A personal car to drive a date to pick up, nice dinner served with the best wine in town and then a long drive and at last settling down at your own home with your date, well what else could my friend want, he was out on a date yesterday and finally he lost it, not his mind though his virginity pal. I have friends boast about their experiences and I have had mine too but not true, my stories have been experts from different movie sand my friend’s experiences , don’t know if they catch me or not but they haven’t expressed the same to me ever. I was wandering in the outskirts of our city today morning , I was feeling lonely and was thinking about it all the while , why am I virgin still, I mean common I could have lost it a long time ago, in the coming few months I will be twenty eight and I think its hard time to be a virgin still, but what to do I am what I am, happy being one , laugh out loud, I was just kidding I have tried it so many times but have failed , I mean not the virginity and the loosing part of it but just telling the truth that I am still a virgin , but I get embarrassed eve when I am thinking about it . Virgin or no virgin one has to go through all this in life and I wonder how does one feel when one losses it just for the sake of it , I don’t want to be doing that , I will certainly loose it to someone who is worth being a winner , and hey I am sorry I am a virgin.


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