The World This week………………2400 A.D



Its almost four hundred years ago that this blog had been started and I am happy to say that this long journey has been very wonderful , I would like to apologise to those readers whom we have not been able to cater to sometimes as there arises some problem on this part of the moon, due to the eclipse sometimes, that is why we can reach you in time , but otherwise we are always there for you, and for our readers this special bulletin from the earth, our expert team visited earth, and this was the third visit in the last fifty years , and this also opens new areas of interest for both , the inhabitants of earth , mars , moon and other planets, we are sorry that our services will not  be available to the man made satellites in the northern region for the time , we are still in the process of registering them as our readers. This might take a while .rest assured all our readers are doing well and are satisfied.



USA has shown once again that its technology is far more advanced from the ones that Japan and china or India has ever shown, they showed this by creating clouds and

And moving them in the sky  , giving a spectacular view to the audience as what the sky  would have looked around three hundred years ago and the speciality on the show was , first the rain and then hail storm and then snow flakes, we have read about all this in our books but it was wonderful to see them in front of our eyes, the only question we had in mind was the colour of the clouds as the seemed to be black in colour and dense, the weight of the clouds had been measured earlier and were quite different from the one predicted, in the same time few Japanese scientists who were present there worked on the clouds and made them look more sophisticated , Chinese scientist showed how they could increase the production of clouds, the surprise of the show was when Indian scientist came forward and did few things with the machine and then we had a rainfall, same as earlier but this time the drops which fell had “ made in India” written on them. The head  scientist Santa Sing said “ we have  done this earlier and this is nothing new, our ancestors used to send and arrow in the sky  and we used to have rainfall” he named Indra being one of the catalyst in all the experiment.


Bosnian scientist have  developed a new tablets that taste and smell like onion , they had earlier developed the tablets that taste and smell like potatoes they call it patata, this is something new that we have got, Fossils of peacock an early bird were found in India, research is going on to know more about the bird.


No women would like to be pregnant , if a couple wants a child they take their sperms and eggs and send it  to china  ,a these are out sourced to  china these days, there ,  they  are women who  are full time doing this job for the rest of the world, they are giving birth to thousands of foreign children everyday, and this business has  taken china to the next level, this business in china by a famous thinker named  HOO EM AEI (pronounced Who  am I ) and now his great grand children are continuing the  business, the concept is quite clear , you  just have  to send your sperm and your egg to  be developed into a child and given birth to  and then these children  are shipped directly to the country from where the demand had come, the other section  of the business is a step forward then that  , if you are unmarried and still you want a child you  just  have  to  send your  sperm or your egg and it  will  be genetically matched with the best egg or  sperm and a child  would be given back  to you  after its birth of course after its  birth.


Lately  USA has stopped  giving out LTS for more then twice a week to  its citizens, this  has been reduced a single time , the reason given behind this is “ since when you  are having sex more of energy  and more of oxygen is  used , so this is just  a  sincere effort of  the government of USA to save the world from the scarcity of oxygen: said  the secretary of states. Mr IKNOW everything. The UN council has sent its approval of the program to the states and have sent this message to other countries to follow suit.



The food supply from the Amazon basin factory has been stopped for the time being, as the internet  connection in that  area has been interrupted by the local farmers who  say  the  bandwidth given to the  bigger companies are lesser then the ones given to them and they  want justice for  the same , they  said this is not justified and we use  the internet for  less number of hours then them we  should  be  given more speed them  so  that we use it for  lesser time , the speed given to us  is below the standard that  has been certified by  the www council. That is why  we have  not been able  to deliver goods in time,  earlier it use to  take only few hours to deliver goods  anywhere in the world  but now  its takes days  to  do  the same , and this is happening from the day  the speed has been decreased.


Fruit drinks from CoCO cola are still the best sellers today,  Tata an Indian airlines company  has introduced new single seater planes in the line , the are the cheapest every  manufactured, more to come from the planet earth as our team visits them next week again.


3 responses to “The World This week………………2400 A.D

  1. Very amusing and creative. Wonder what inventions will be thought up next? How about a machine that transfers concrete objects over long distances? I’ll be looking for the next week’s update. 🙂

  2. nice one ….
    I liked the Aircrafts made TATA …. just waiting for it to be on my Island planet.

  3. Well one of our readers had asked if there is a machine which transfers objects from one place to the other, well yes Earth does have this system in working status , they call it Courier system, IT transfers one object from one place to the other, the scientific explanation for the same was given by and Indian scientist, Courier Baba , he said since every thing in this world is a matter and every matter has an anti matter and energy, we just break them up and transfer these on our special vacuum pipes to the other place where there are machines which transfer them back to the object they are, when asked why vacuum, to which he said that when broken molecules and atoms forming a matter travelling through the normal environment they tend to react with other particles present in the atmosphere , that is why a vacuum is need to transfer these so that they don’t react with anything else. And also the travel time in the vacuum is lesser then the normal environment.

    One of our readers wanted the single seater Tata aircraft to land on his lonely island planet, well there’s good news for him, he can do the bookings through inter galaxiel channel and the same can be transferred after he has paid in advance, the cost of the aircraft is twenty five thousand gallons of water and three tons of oxygen, cheaper then most of the aircrafts available in the galaxies.

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