Am I Einstein?????



I have been asking this question to myself and also to my parents sometimes, I wonder if I really am Einstein, I keep on predicting things, keep on doing experiments, yesterday I mixed  egg with honey and jam and then fired them , any how got it on my plate hot and smelly, got some bread and ate it , wow what a combination, I would request everyone not to try this at home , it was performed by a highly self trained stuntman, that’s me , what a gas , its very nice that I stay alone or else my partner or partners if any would have kicked me out of house , I would have to spend the night either on the roof , or on the streets cuddling with some free to live creatures of earth.


When I was small  I tried doing something more crazy then this , I gave brandy to my dog who was suffering from cold and fever I think, I was not sure but  had seen many people use the same for themselves and I though it would cure him too, thinks turned out sour. He kept on barking the whole night and when it stopped it stopped for ever. May his soul rest in peace. A neighbour of mine had a habit of drinking every day , he used to drunk so much that he would not know what’s happening around him, I  had heard that alcohol burns very brightly , so we thought I mean yes we were three of us then, of course the idea was all mine and I take credit for the same , we wanted to see how the alcohol burns, so we lit a match stick on and took it near his nose, the alcohol did not burn but his beard did, in fact all moustache was on fire and he woke up as if the world had turned against him, thank god it was dark and the match stick had blown off so he did not see us , our else I don’t know what would have happened , I did not come out of my home for the next few days, few days after that I saw him again , sober and straight , and he looked fine without the beard and the moustache , he looked like a perfect gentle man, later I learnt that he used to be in the army, well he  looked like one then, he had left drinking after that incident , the story was that god had tried to burn him alive because of his bad ways and he had been left alive by  god to mend his ways, so people this is  a remedy you can try for people who drink a lot, burn their beard and moustache , if they have any  or else try their hair. See the experiment went fine the alcohol in his breath did not burn but the moustache did. At the least it proved something.


More proofs of me being an Einstein on their way.





One response to “Am I Einstein?????

  1. Wow, that was funny and your experiments are amazing. Sorry, I do not think you are Einstein because he was German. But who knows, you could be a new Einstein, or better yet, go join Barnum and Bailey! You would bring them many crowds.

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