Top Headlines 01-04-2004

1. Dollar drops down to INR 2

2. Mayawati elected Prime minister.

3. Shah Rukh Khan appointed foreign affairs minister.

4. Oil being distributed free of cost.

5. Obama and Osama adopted by Bush.

6. Yamuna river revives.

7. L.K Advani retires from politics.

8. Atal Bihari Vajpayee elected president (BJP youth Wing )

9. Inflation dips to 1 %.

10. Tata announces Rs 10000 car.

11. India ,Pakistan to be a single country again.

12. Dawood Ibrahim appointed as defence minister.

13. Aaj Tak awarded the most entertaining channel.

14. Punjab Jesari awarded the most hilarious newspaper award.

15. Prabhu chawla awarded the JIM KERRY of INDIA AWARD.

 16. Lalu Yadav opens his own diary farm.

17. Constitution of India to be rewritted and this time no cheating and no coping.

18. Sanjay Dutt gets the Mahatma Gandhi award after he joins congress.

19. 100 % turnout on general elections.

 20. All this was just a joke , don’t be serious.


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