getting married, is that a good option

Thinking about getting married, man how come so many people are married and they are managing everything so properly, when I think about it I get scared and its seldom that I don’t drop the idea, thinking that I have to maintain a house of my own, manage all the thing s I mean specially the relationship. Scares the hell out of me, I have been avoiding the same for quite long now almost three years, and one thing is very special  about marriage , till the time you are not married every second [person asks you this question, so have u decided anything, are you seeing someone, is there anyone , so when are you getting married, chill people I will get married when I have to when I am ready, that’s the answer I gave to my dad the other day, he said son you don’t have to get ready to get married, marriage makes you get ready for  life, its only after marriage that you learn how to live in a marriage before that you know nothing, every smart man marries to learn that he was not so smart enough , he had to get married to know that and when that is done he looses all his pride. Wink.


Lots of my friends are married well to look at it closely  only four  of  them are and out of that two of them got married last year, I am scared about getting calls from my parents , every time they  call its one girl  or the other , you should meet her, you should talk to her , she is a nice girl, a graduate, masters in history and what not, she is working , nice for you both of you will be working, Oh God common, spare me the evil, but there’s one thing more to  this, Moms very  sad, she does not have a bahu to  talk about with her friends, she does not have bahu  to show off, to fight with to complain about, I think the saas bahu soaps have given much fairer idea to our moms as to how they  should be dealing with the unavoidable evils who are to enter their sons life, who will not only take control of her sons life but will also plot things against her, I am sure my Moms ready with that , that si why she forces me to meet someone or the other.


I wonder how  my Dad managed, the  whole family  I adore him for that  don’t know if I can dot he same justice to my family if it ever is . lol. After much thinking I have come to a conclusion that yes I will have to get married one day or the other but  the best way is  to stay away from it as long as I can, and hey I  am not against all those  who  are married ,  I am just scared with the thought of getting married , so help me GOD.





One response to “getting married, is that a good option

  1. You need correct punctuation!!! *gasp* *dies*

    Seriously, now, it’s nice to see that you’re thinking so much about this before doing something recklessly. But why are you so scared? Calm down, man, you don’t have to seem so panicked about this, you’re still young. Ha. Have fun.

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