STory “Arranged Marriage”

Arranged marriages are quite common here in India, rather then being common they  are a must for most of us, well I wont say they are bad neither would I say they are good, but on an average almost 60 to 70 % of the marriages in India are arranged marriages, could be more, but the percentage is going down day by day. Ah well I will not be talking about the arranged marriage and love marriage stuff, no I wont that’s been done so many times and comparisons have been made and pros and cons have been discussed, I will not be doing the same at all, in fact I want to tell you all a story about two people who met because their parents wanted them to get married. IT was of course an arranged meeting or date you could call it if you want, but I will call it a meeting for the time being.


Rohan came to Delhi around ten years ago, he came here to be an actor, and well he actually wanted to get admissions at the NSD (National School OF Drama). After arriving here he came to know that he can only get admissions after he has completed his graduation, so now he had to complete his graduation and what better then to stay here and complete it from Delhi University, Fine then, since he had scored decent marks in his ICSE exams , he got admission in one of the colleges in south campus, First year of his studies went while trying to adjust to the new change that was in front of him, he was also studying for CA , wow what a course to choose, he failed, and second year he concentrated on his studies a bit so the marks came up  a bit, final year he got involved in politics, it was fun being in the college union and he was enjoying his time , he dint know but the time was passing by and finally his final year ended and he was left with nothing in hand and the world open for him to explore learn, unlearn and relearn things. By this time he had forgotten everything about NSD. Almost. HE used to do street plays and theatre in his free time so that kept his interest still going , in his mind, then he joined a journalism and Mass communication course, completed his master and worked with media house, sold newspapers, and worked for different people at the same time, when he completed his masters he had nothing left to learn and tried getting a job somewhere which he didn’t , few places offered him jobs but at a very low salary which he didn’t want , he also tried working in a call centre, which is an easy refuge for any youngster today in the metro cities, even this didn’t work at all.


Finally he started his own business and what better then an IT company so right now he is running an IT company and is doing well for himself. So that is about him his interest are reading and writing and more or less travelling, he also likes swimming which he seldom gets chance to do. Nature wise he is a fun loving happy go lucky guy, who does not bother to be tensed for a long time, he prefers to be relaxed and lazy.


Smita is a girl from Banaras and she has come to Delhi just to meet him, she completed her schooling in Banaras and then continued her studies there , she choose commerce as her subject which she thought was easier then science which she had in her class twelve . anyways that a different thing, she is doing her masters in Political science and is said to be a very good student with a bright future. Well the time will tell what kind of future she has; Her Aunt has accompanied her to this place where the both are to meet. The story will not start until I tell you how they have been made to meet each other,


Rohans mother and Smita’s mothers are friends and being of the same caste has made it easier for them to choose to be relatives. And both the families have a decent background, so it such happened that Smita;s mother called Rohan’s mother last week and they were sharing things about their lives and in between their talks Smitas mother told her about her worries about getting her daughter married , Rohans mother did not spare time in proposing the cumulative relationship, so it thus happened , both pf them were informed about the situation and were told to meet each other. Fine that’s nice they are meeting today, and since Rohan is to go to Kerala today evening so he has asked Smita to meet him early in the morning.


Rohan drives his Maruti 800 and goes to pick up Smita from her aunts place, he reaches there at Seven thirty and is called inside to have some breakfast , well the breakfast is not like a breakfast at all, it more like a happy meal, after that they decide to take the car and go out, its almost nine by then, Rohan drives his car on the roads not knwing where to take her, finally he decides , going to the temple would be a good start so they go to Birla temple situated near Cannaught place, which he though would be easier spot to be at as he could bring her down to CP for lunch .They reach Birla temple in twenty minutes.


Rest to follow…………………….


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  1. i love this post

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