Mind the tongue ,

This might be something that we have not been thinking about at all and that is why we don’t think about all these things at all, but this is as important as anything else in life as our relationship with others depends on the way we handle our tongue, and that’s why more importance should be given to the way we use it. We never think about he way we use our tongue , but this is it which make a friend a foe and vice versa, its well said that good speakers are better charmers, the ones who don’t speak well are the ones who don’t do well in life, look at good speakers ,t hey are around you always , you are surrounded by them, they charm you , please you, be with you, leave their mark on you and vanish without leaving a trace of their existence , its only their words which remain back in your mind, that’s why more stress must be given to the way you use your tongue.


Mistakes are made by each one us but the better lot of us do admit to our mistakes and agree to the fact that they have made a mistake and they are sorry for what has happened , though it cannot be reversed , but it can be rectified or may be something can be done about it , the best way is to look for solutions that are available in and around you, try staying away from the problem for sometime when it arises and then you can make a simple observation of the real time events and come to a solution vry quick, if you involve yourself with the problem then you will never get a solution, sometimes the solution requires you to take some curtail steps in life which is advised as these steps will solve your problems , so go ahead and make mistake s, as they re the ones which teach you to make none in future.


And while doing all that mind you tongue.


3 responses to “Mind the tongue ,

  1. Good thoughts. Sounds like you have been reading from the book of James not too long ago. The most dangerous weapon — the tongue.

    • No i dont read chicken soup material, neither self help nor understand stuff books, i write and believ what is more logical and practical, ya the things might have similarities to great thinkers , that i cant deny…………..hehehe

      • whoever said anything about chicken soup books? I’m talking about the greatest philosophical work that exists. and yep, it is the most logical and practical thing out there also.

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