Delhi’s Temperature

I am worried about the way temperature is playing games with us here, this is quite dangerous, today it reached around 44.4 degree celcius. i mean commmon this is not a temperatuer for humans, to beat that the current goes for an hour or two daily, and during night it is quite normal for the current to say good bye to our company.

In the next 10 to 15 years Delhi will be something like Dubai or any other Middle eastern countries, the land will dry, trees will die, there will be more sand storms in an around Delhi. HEat srokes will kill many , this will not be a place for the middle middle class people who cannnot afford AC, all the government offices will have to be Airconditioned, and that is what will have to be done with every office.

Yamuna has already turned into a hige NALA , courtesy Chief Minister “Shiela Dixit, ” and the indutries that are ther In and Around Delhi. If temperatuer keeps on rising this way, our buildings will be needing washing and colling as well , as loads of temperature will create cracks in the buildings. and many more things that will happen , that which should not be happening.


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