Indians Thrashed

I wonder why Indians are being treated such everywhere, first there were some Indians who were thrashed and beaten up and told to go back in Maharashtra , ah well I forgot that’s in India itself and now its Australia, is it something wrong with the people of the world or is it the Indians who have a problem. Well to list a few First Indians are intelligent They are hardworking people a bit less compared to Chinese people, They come cheap I mean the labour is cheap. They are ready to go through anything to make it big in life They can travel anywhere in the world for livelihood Every Indian family has someone or the other living in Canada or the states. Outsourcing is another cause The frustrating market structure right now Indians are stealing jobs from everybody around the world Well if you wish you could add a few more.


2 responses to “Indians Thrashed

  1. The reason we get thrashed is because we do not fight back. People think that all Indians will act like Mahatma Gandhi and show the other cheek. Once the word spreads that we are going to kick ass back things become normal.

  2. Being a Ghandhi is just an excuse it may be because we Indians are rebels by nature and dont tend to follow the rules and regulations of other places, we have highly inflated ego, may be thats the biggest reason.

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