Soul lost and dead

What does one do when he is extremely sad and knows the reason behind it but can do nothing about it, the thought of being happy never crosses his mind, even if he tries there is nothing that he can actually do. Life changes, time changes and small things in life change every thing for a human being, a small gesture can make a man give his life for someone and a small gesture can kill him for eternity. Not physically, but for sure he dies within. He sees himself die and fade out slowly and steadily. Time comes when he still looks for himself but never finds one; he is already dead and lost in the abyss of sadness. A man could be happy for ever, he could be sad for ever but can he be dead for ever, immense pain crafted properly and engraved in his mind, does not let him live anymore , he is dead as a person as a human and as an individual. This is what is happening in someone’s life, if you look for that person you will find him near you, it could be you , it could be anyone, one small thing, one small episode a pinch of a moment can make life a miserable one to live for. Does everyone gets a second chance to live, what if the second chance never arrives , what if the second chance is never to come, will he be dead for ever, will he ever come out alive of the sadness which lies beneath him and is becoming a cancer , an incurable disease. A disease an infection in the mind and the soul. What if the soul is dead and the human lives, can he live without the soul can he ever even know that he had a soul of his own. What kills him is not the mind not the body not the soul not anything but that small thing in life, its so small that it has no such significance as such , but it is so small that it cannot be seen but is painful to the extent of killing his inner self.


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