WE started at around 11 pm at night and our journey to Wagha Border had started, coming to the national highway took only 45 minutes and then the GT Road was the straight road to the border. GT road or the grand trunk road was built by SHER SHAH SURI whose name nowhere is mentioned , but anyways i always remember to take his name whenever we are talking about this road, this road starts from Lahore and goes upto DHAKA which is i believe still the capital of Bangladesh.

Anyways on our way we made our first stop at SUKHDEV DHABA , which is famous for its parathas and had few of  them and then proceeded towards our destination, it took us a total of 10 hours to reach , during which we crossed sonipat, panipat, ludhiana , jalandhar reaching Amritsar around 10 in the morning , after which we took rooms to accommodate us for a day, after resting there for a while we started for the border, it took us half an hour to reach the border from Amritsar, which is a straight road. also known as NATIONAL HIGHWAY 1.

ON reaching the border the roads which were like butter till now transformed into walnut cover . we could see from a distance the number of people waiting near the gate to enter the main gate of the stadium where the ceremony of the evening is to take place. Around Five Thousand people were gathered near the gate, pushing and looking for some space to stand.

THE gate open and everyone started rushing in , the indian army or would call the BSF JAWANS were there to monitor the movements, there were few on the horses who were treating the people like dogs, waving and hitting them with a  stick , this i found very disgusting , by seeing the people being treated very badly.this was sad, but anyways we got into the stadium, where patriotic songs were being played.

THe parade started with much fan fare with people shouting from both sides of the border, the BSF jawans kick reached their head, which i believe was better from any of the karate kids kicks, so much arrogance and attitude was to be seen from both sides , it was more like a mini war . which i felt was too much for the audience , but they were enjoying anyways , this show of anger and hatred by the BSF jawans at the parade is much to do with the kind of relationship we share with PAkistan, no where in the world such kind of show is performed , i believe this should be shown every day for and hour which will certainly raise more patriotism in the people’s mind on both sides of the border.

THE best part on our side was the opening of the PARADE which was done by two beautiful and amazingly tall lady officers of the BSF, this was a moment of pride and the INDIAN side had the women to boast of and the pakistan side had only men, the women were seen at the stands with their burka standing and cheering for their country, OUR WOMEN are better. our thinking is changing and our attitude towards women is also changing , may be slowly but yes it is.



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