Dead Almost

A trip to Haridwar is always welcome , but who would know if the trip could have been my last one, well for a moment i thought so, we started back home at three in the morning , traffic was minimum so we crossed Roorkee in the nest 45 minutes but as we approached Mujaffarnagar, the traffic became a bit dense, and then stopping and moving and then stopping and moving. around 4 AM in the morning as we were moving slow int he traffic , suddenly my car started moving towards the left without me touching the car, in a flash of a second i realized what was happening , just above my right arm i could see a huge truck pushing my car as if it was ready to crush it.

the face of the truck seemed like a giant demon with huge horns on it and it was saying that it was my last day of life, caring about ones life is but natural but i had my wife and my daughter sleeping and the back seat, now who was to know what would happen to them after I am gone. my wife woke up in a ziffy and while i was shocked and was just looking at the truck pushing our right side of the car, she was busy trying to move the steering towards right, i couldn’t move as i didn’t realize what was happening.

fortunately the truck driver saw us and he stopped it, moved aside and ran away, coming back to senses i realize we were hit and the truck was running away, i took my car into gear and pushed the paddle, car moved and i thought fine not much harm, we were fine, its only the car who had been injured, it has been a habit of my car to take all the troubles of my life onto itself, i am in love with it, i owe a lot to it, my life my dads life, my wife’s my daughter .

i drove fast to catch them, i caught them took their vechile keys and as i was doing this i realized, my wife was shouting at them, she looked like Durga, iwas silent , i took the trucks number and went to the police station which wasnt even a kilometer away, then when i came back they had vanished, the chase began, we caught them just before mujjaffar nagar, but by that time i had decided , to leave the matter and come back home first, as because first the drivers were muslim and you cannot trust a muslim, thats a different topic totally.

and the second thing that we were in mujaffarnagar, my life is more important than the penalty that those guys had to pay, so i decided to bring my car back home and get it repaired here in Delhi.As i was deciding this in my mind i saw the truck take a wrong turn in to the fields and vanish behind the trees.

now what , nothing what i was thinking in my mind had been confirmed by acts of the driver. so i didn’t say anything think anything , took the road straight and came back home.




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