Respect yourself enough to walk away from things that no longer serves you,grows you,or makes you happy.
There are times when we are still clinging to emotions , sentiments,desires wands and needs that very so often make us feel as if we are trying our best , giving every ounce of our mind and soul yet we are getting nothing back from it, there are times when we are helpless to our emotions , we surrender to our fate , we try to figure out a way to compromise with our own mind, but the mind had millions of colors and we cant let them fade , we cant let the mind be jailed and cocooned to a single emotion, we have to set it free , we have to respect our selves to let things go, if the no longer make us happy.
Some might say this is weakness and we are running away from struggling with the exact situation, but think about it knowing the reality and arranging your mind according to it and saying no to yourself is not weakness its the strength.
making oneself strong enough to deny the weakness that makes you cling to the things that no longer makes you happy , or grows you , or serves you should be the ultimate goal of an individual.
For those who seek more clarification into this i would suggest you to read Fountain Head and atlas shrugged for the same


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