Rajniti aur Samaj Sewa
RAJNITI (rajya karne ki niti / rajya ke lie niti) SAMAJ SEWA

Seems many of our leaders and people around have forgotten the simple difference between politic and social work. politics involves policies to run a state , politics involves any means to gain power , politics involves using power to control , to make laws and regulations etc etc.

Many people i have seen around are involved in social work with a simple agenda and focus of entering into politics , that’s not social work at all, its just the intention that matters , that’s a game plan one focuses on to get into the social circle do some good , be a do goodder and then whenever a chance arises get into politics.

social work can be performed solely on only one simple principle. that being a selfless contribution of your labor and your knowledge and your expertise towards the society. this being a true agenda of a being to work for the society without having an intention to take anything back from it , but only giving it , and making it better everyday , that is social work, politics involves not only the truth but more of it is just propaganda, take example of the greatest propagandist of our times , Mr Narendra modi, he is a magician when it comes to propaganda, just before the elections he mesmerized us with the plethora of his one liners , and yes we were driven that the force called propaganda, and almost a wave was in favor of him and he got more than the number of seats he wanted to become a PM.
Now that he is already a PM look at the one liners and tags lines that he is creating .
make in india
jan dhan yojna
sukanya smridhi yojna etc etc
Infact he has become the jewel of the Asia pacific region, leaving Singapore and honk Kong etc, but look at SAARC countries he has portrayed himself as the leader of the SAARC countries and the world is taking him as one, so in a way he has succeed in presenting himself as the gear for change at the exact time when everything has changed, but if you look deep into the structure on which India stands , nothing has changed actually, it still remains the slow growing monopolistic economics , and we are surrounded by it, this is politics and it can be gained only through propaganda,
Social work on the other side is totally based on facts and hard work, a proper coordination between different groups of the society , bringing them together on a single platform , setting a goal which is for sure beneficial for one and all and no one in particular ha any personal vendetta hidden inside it.


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