Why Blame Islam

IN today’s scenario what we see around is Islamic jihad in the names of different groups all fighting in the name of ALLAH and killing innocent people all around, these are fanatics trying to prove to the world that there is only one religion in this world worth following and all those who do not follow this should be killed. that’s rude and inhuman and you can call it as many names as you like it.
BE it ISIS or alkaeda or pakistan or taliban or any other state like those of bangladesh and even in the deep rooted villages of Islamic India this disease is everywhere and the media seems to be ignorant of this, they prefer not calling it a religious rebel.
Media today can be said is totally blind to the fact that its just the Muslims who are terrorists and no one else. in a single line it can be said that all terrorist are Muslims but all Muslims are not terrorists.
This is happening all over the world , the whole world seems to be infected by this .
If we have time to go through the world history and careful study of the same will reveal that this is the same story with Christianity, these people have fought wars and killed millions of people in the name of religion and now in today’s face they act to stand as a peace loving and a religion with a caring mission, this is all bull shit , these Christians were all involved in conspiracy and killings of lords kings and common people all over EUROPE.
I will not say about Indian Christians as they think and are taught that Christianity is for sure one of the most peace loving religion and Jesus will take care of all their sadness and their sickness etc sad but people fall for it , the amount of conversion happening and that which has already happened in India is enormous, the numbers cannot be given out as the census for these things cannot be done, there in no record of the people who have been converted, if there was a system which showed that a person who followed one religion at one time and now is following something else we will all be ashamed to see how these people are working, these missionaries are slow poison to the stability of India.
British came to India as missionaries and then they ruled for 200 years , what better example can be given than this. as for Islam goes, today’s media and most of the propaganda is always against them , they have been propagated as a terrorist clan and thus they behave like one, they feel suppressed and depressed, these people suffer from a disease called INFERIORITY COMPLEX, and to prove other wise they follow terrorism.
lets us not blame ISLAM all alone CHRISTIANITY is equally to be blamed for the instability that is to come in the near future.


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