Expectations from a relationship are so much that it destroys the juice of that particular relationship. Someone somewhere is waiting for you and when that person comes he will sweep you out of your feet, you will go week in your knees etc etc, so well does that happen at all, does is ever happen, may be sometimes, or may be it happens because we want it to, its because of the perceptions we have in our mind regarding the particular situation or a particular person, an image created in the mind, an predefined actions and reactions, and it is so nice  a feeling that which when happens give s you an amazingly ticklish feeling.


Not having one is not a bad thing, well I think that’s the best thing you could ever do in life is not have an expectation at all , not from anybody as the more u have it the less u get it , the less u get the more sad you are and it leads to frustration and also depression, irritation, and at last hatred for that person, it might lead to some other things as well, like having a fight, or loosing confidence in yourself as well as people around you, SO I would suggest rather then being  weak by loosing it , why not , not have it all, hey I am not talking about confidence but EXPECTATIONS.


Well there is another category of expectations you have and these are the ones you have from you yourself, they are the ones who are the most dangerous ones, if they are satisfied then fine good and a happy story but what if they are not. that’s a very demanding situation you are in, the ones you have from yourselves and they are not satisfied , that’s pathetic man, that’s ridiculous, you are good for nothing , well ,well, that’s the story we tell our self and then at the most try to commit suicide, that’s the extreme only a minor percent of us do that but yes we do. So here’s a solution for that, why not have another set of expectations before you if the earlier ones are not satisfied,


There something I studied in school these were called logic gates, they actually gave us options in a problem as to how can we solve them the key words were IF , THEN, ELSE, XOR , NOR , etc. But in the end we always ended with the right answer to the problem , that is how our life has to be like, any situation you are in ,any problem you have  in life there is always a solution for that , the world does not end if you have failed in an exam, if you haven’t got a good job, you wife runs away with your best friend, your fourteen year old daughter is pregnant and your son is doping around, well what’s the problem man, live your life, give them time, take your chances, take your son to a doctor, try helping him out not because you think he needs help but because he actually needs one, there no escape to being worried, but there a solution for that. Your daughter , well god help her, this age and pregnant , well what can u do now, either get it killed but that’s against humanity, but if she delivers the child she is going to transform into a women, which unknowingly she has already , your wife , oh she is found someone better and its your turn now, a second chance WINK. Try it the logic gates work, apart from fun and sarcasm , it actually works. TRY it .



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