Why Blame Islam

IN today’s scenario what we see around is Islamic jihad in the names of different groups all fighting in the name of ALLAH and killing innocent people all around, these are fanatics trying to prove to the world that there is only one religion in this world worth following and all those who do not follow this should be killed. that’s rude and inhuman and you can call it as many names as you like it.
BE it ISIS or alkaeda or pakistan or taliban or any other state like those of bangladesh and even in the deep rooted villages of Islamic India this disease is everywhere and the media seems to be ignorant of this, they prefer not calling it a religious rebel.
Media today can be said is totally blind to the fact that its just the Muslims who are terrorists and no one else. in a single line it can be said that all terrorist are Muslims but all Muslims are not terrorists.
This is happening all over the world , the whole world seems to be infected by this .
If we have time to go through the world history and careful study of the same will reveal that this is the same story with Christianity, these people have fought wars and killed millions of people in the name of religion and now in today’s face they act to stand as a peace loving and a religion with a caring mission, this is all bull shit , these Christians were all involved in conspiracy and killings of lords kings and common people all over EUROPE.
I will not say about Indian Christians as they think and are taught that Christianity is for sure one of the most peace loving religion and Jesus will take care of all their sadness and their sickness etc sad but people fall for it , the amount of conversion happening and that which has already happened in India is enormous, the numbers cannot be given out as the census for these things cannot be done, there in no record of the people who have been converted, if there was a system which showed that a person who followed one religion at one time and now is following something else we will all be ashamed to see how these people are working, these missionaries are slow poison to the stability of India.
British came to India as missionaries and then they ruled for 200 years , what better example can be given than this. as for Islam goes, today’s media and most of the propaganda is always against them , they have been propagated as a terrorist clan and thus they behave like one, they feel suppressed and depressed, these people suffer from a disease called INFERIORITY COMPLEX, and to prove other wise they follow terrorism.
lets us not blame ISLAM all alone CHRISTIANITY is equally to be blamed for the instability that is to come in the near future.


Respect yourself enough to walk away from things that no longer serves you,grows you,or makes you happy.
There are times when we are still clinging to emotions , sentiments,desires wands and needs that very so often make us feel as if we are trying our best , giving every ounce of our mind and soul yet we are getting nothing back from it, there are times when we are helpless to our emotions , we surrender to our fate , we try to figure out a way to compromise with our own mind, but the mind had millions of colors and we cant let them fade , we cant let the mind be jailed and cocooned to a single emotion, we have to set it free , we have to respect our selves to let things go, if the no longer make us happy.
Some might say this is weakness and we are running away from struggling with the exact situation, but think about it knowing the reality and arranging your mind according to it and saying no to yourself is not weakness its the strength.
making oneself strong enough to deny the weakness that makes you cling to the things that no longer makes you happy , or grows you , or serves you should be the ultimate goal of an individual.
For those who seek more clarification into this i would suggest you to read Fountain Head and atlas shrugged for the same


Rajniti aur Samaj Sewa
RAJNITI (rajya karne ki niti / rajya ke lie niti) SAMAJ SEWA

Seems many of our leaders and people around have forgotten the simple difference between politic and social work. politics involves policies to run a state , politics involves any means to gain power , politics involves using power to control , to make laws and regulations etc etc.

Many people i have seen around are involved in social work with a simple agenda and focus of entering into politics , that’s not social work at all, its just the intention that matters , that’s a game plan one focuses on to get into the social circle do some good , be a do goodder and then whenever a chance arises get into politics.

social work can be performed solely on only one simple principle. that being a selfless contribution of your labor and your knowledge and your expertise towards the society. this being a true agenda of a being to work for the society without having an intention to take anything back from it , but only giving it , and making it better everyday , that is social work, politics involves not only the truth but more of it is just propaganda, take example of the greatest propagandist of our times , Mr Narendra modi, he is a magician when it comes to propaganda, just before the elections he mesmerized us with the plethora of his one liners , and yes we were driven that the force called propaganda, and almost a wave was in favor of him and he got more than the number of seats he wanted to become a PM.
Now that he is already a PM look at the one liners and tags lines that he is creating .
make in india
jan dhan yojna
sukanya smridhi yojna etc etc
Infact he has become the jewel of the Asia pacific region, leaving Singapore and honk Kong etc, but look at SAARC countries he has portrayed himself as the leader of the SAARC countries and the world is taking him as one, so in a way he has succeed in presenting himself as the gear for change at the exact time when everything has changed, but if you look deep into the structure on which India stands , nothing has changed actually, it still remains the slow growing monopolistic economics , and we are surrounded by it, this is politics and it can be gained only through propaganda,
Social work on the other side is totally based on facts and hard work, a proper coordination between different groups of the society , bringing them together on a single platform , setting a goal which is for sure beneficial for one and all and no one in particular ha any personal vendetta hidden inside it.

why being Sanatan is Scientific ?

22 Reasons To Believe Hinduism Is Based On Science

1. वृक्षPeople are advised to worship Neem and Banyan tree in the morning. Inhaling the air near these trees, is good for health.

2. योगIf you are trying to look ways for stress management, there can’t be anything other than Hindu Yoga aasan Pranayama (inhaling and exhaling air slowly using one of the nostrils).

3. प्रतिष्ठानHindu temples are built scientifically. The place where an idol is placed in the temple is called ‘Moolasthanam’. This ‘Moolasthanam’ is where earth’s magnetic waves are found to be maximum, thus benefitting the worshipper.

4.तुलसी Every Hindu household has a Tulsi plant. Tulsi or Basil leaves when consumed, keeps our immune system strong to help prevent the H1N1 disease.

5. मन्त्रThe rhythm of Vedic mantras, an ancient Hindu practice, when pronounced and heard are believed to cure so many disorders of the body like blood pressure.

6. तिलकHindus keep the holy ash in their forehead after taking a bath, this removes excess water from your head.

7. कुंकुमWomen keep kumkum bindi on their forehead that protects from being hypnotised.

8. हस्त ग्रास Eating with hands might be looked down upon in the west but it connects the body, mind and soul, when it comes to food.

9. पत्तलHindu customs requires one to eat on a leaf plate. This is the most eco-friendly way as it does not require any chemical soap to clean it and it can be discarded without harming the environment.banana; palash leaves

10. कर्णछेदनPiercing of baby’s ears is actually part of acupuncture treatment. The point where the ear is pierced helps in curing Asthma.

11. हल्दीSprinkling turmeric mixed water around the house before prayers and after. Its known that turmeric has antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities.

12. गोबरThe old practice of pasting cow dung on walls and outside their house prevents various diseases/viruses as this cow dung is anti-biotic and rich in minerals.

13. गोमूत्रHindus consider drinking cow urine to cure various illnesses. Apparently, it does balance bile, mucous and airs and a remover of heart diseases and effect of poison.

14.शिक्षा The age-old punishment of doing sit-ups while holding the ears actually makes the mind sharper and is helpful for those with Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, learning difficulties and behavioural problems.

15. दियाLighting ‘diyas’ or oil or ghee lamps in temples and house fills the surroundings with positivity and recharges your senses.

16.जनोई ‘Janoyi’, or the string on a Brahmin’s body, is also a part of Acupressure ‘Janoyi’ and keeps the wearer safe from several diseases.

17. तोरणDecorating the main door with ‘Toran’- a string of mangoes leaves;neem leaves;ashoka leaves actually purifies the atmosphere.

18.चरणस्पर्श Touching your elder’s feet keeps your backbone in good shape.

19. चिताग्निCremation or burning the dead, is one of the cleanest form of disposing off the dead body.

20. ॐChanting the mantra ‘Om’ leads to significant reduction in heart rate which leads to a deep form of relaxation with increased alertness.

21. हनुमान चालीसाHanuman Chalisa, according to NASA, has the exact calculation of the distance between Sun and the Earth.

22.शंख The ‘Shankh Dhwani’ creates the sound waves by which many harmful germs, insects are destroyed.The mosquito breeding is also affected by Shankh blowing and decreases the spread of malaria.

islamik gestures

मुस्लिम  पोपुलेशन- –जब तक मुस्लिमों की जनसंख्या किसी देश/प्रदेश/क्षेत्र में लगभग 2% के आसपास होती है, तब वे एकदम शांतिप्रिय, कानूनपसन्द अल्पसंख्यक बनकर रहते हैं और किसी को विशेष शिकायत का मौका नहीं देते, जैसे –

अमेरिका – मुस्लिम 0.6%

ऑस्ट्रेलिया – मुस्लिम 1.5%

कनाडा – मुस्लिम 1.9%

चीन – मुस्लिम 1.8%

इटली – मुस्लिम 1.5%

नॉर्वे – मुस्लिम 1.8%

जब मुस्लिम जनसंख्या 2% से 5% के बीच तक पहुँच जाती है, तब वे अन्य धर्मावलम्बियों में अपना “धर्मप्रचार” शुरु कर देते हैं, जिनमें अक्सर समाज का निचला तबका और अन्य धर्मों से असंतुष्ट हुए लोग होते हैं, जैसे कि –

डेनमार्क – मुस्लिम 2%

जर्मनी – मुस्लिम 3.7%

ब्रिटेन – मुस्लिम 2.7%

स्पेन – मुस्लिम 4%

थाईलैण्ड – मुस्लिम 4.6%

मुस्लिम जनसंख्या के 5% से ऊपर हो जाने पर वे अपने अनुपात के हिसाब से अन्य धर्मावलम्बियों पर दबाव बढ़ाने लगते हैं और अपना “प्रभाव” जमाने की कोशिश करने लगते हैं। उदाहरण के लिये वे सरकारों और शॉपिंग मॉल पर “हलाल” का माँस रखने का दबाव बनाने लगते हैं, वे कहते हैं कि “हलाल” का माँस न खाने से उनकी धार्मिक मान्यतायें प्रभावित होती हैं। इस कदम से कई पश्चिमी देशों में “खाद्य वस्तुओं” के बाजार में मुस्लिमों की तगड़ी पैठ बनी। उन्होंने कई देशों के सुपरमार्केट के मालिकों को दबाव डालकर अपने यहाँ “हलाल” का माँस रखने को बाध्य किया। दुकानदार भी “धंधे” को देखते हुए उनका कहा मान लेता है (अधिक जनसंख्या होने का “फ़ैक्टर” यहाँ से मजबूत होना शुरु हो जाता है), ऐसा जिन देशों में हो चुका वह हैं –

फ़्रांस – मुस्लिम 8%

फ़िलीपीन्स – मुस्लिम 6%

स्वीडन – मुस्लिम 5.5%

स्विटजरलैण्ड – मुस्लिम 5.3%

नीडरलैण्ड – मुस्लिम 5.8%

त्रिनिदाद और टोबैगो – मुस्लिम 6%

इस बिन्दु पर आकर “मुस्लिम” सरकारों पर यह दबाव बनाने लगते हैं कि उन्हें उनके “क्षेत्रों” में शरीयत कानून (इस्लामिक कानून) के मुताबिक चलने दिया जाये (क्योंकि उनका अन्तिम लक्ष्य तो यही है कि समूचा विश्व “शरीयत” कानून के हिसाब से चले)। जब मुस्लिम जनसंख्या 10% से अधिक हो जाती है तब वे उस देश/प्रदेश/राज्य/क्षेत्र विशेष में कानून-व्यवस्था के लिये परेशानी पैदा करना शुरु कर देते हैं, शिकायतें करना शुरु कर देते हैं, उनकी “आर्थिक परिस्थिति” का रोना लेकर बैठ जाते हैं, छोटी-छोटी बातों को सहिष्णुता से लेने की बजाय दंगे, तोड़फ़ोड़ आदि पर उतर आते हैं, चाहे वह फ़्रांस के दंगे हों, डेनमार्क का कार्टून विवाद हो, या फ़िर एम्स्टर्डम में कारों का जलाना हो, हरेक विवाद को समझबूझ, बातचीत से खत्म करने की बजाय खामख्वाह और गहरा किया जाता है, जैसे कि –

गुयाना – मुस्लिम 10%

इसराइल – मुस्लिम 16%

केन्या – मुस्लिम 11%

रूस – मुस्लिम 15% (चेचन्या – मुस्लिम आबादी 70%)

जब मुस्लिम जनसंख्या 20% से ऊपर हो जाती है तब विभिन्न “सैनिक शाखायें” जेहाद के नारे लगाने लगती हैं, असहिष्णुता और धार्मिक हत्याओं का दौर शुरु हो जाता है, जैसे-

इथियोपिया – मुस्लिम 32.8%

भारत – मुस्लिम 22%

मुस्लिम जनसंख्या के 40% के स्तर से ऊपर पहुँच जाने पर बड़ी संख्या में सामूहिक हत्याऐं, आतंकवादी कार्रवाईयाँ आदि चलने लगते हैं, जैसे –

बोस्निया – मुस्लिम 40%

चाड – मुस्लिम 54.2%

लेबनान – मुस्लिम 59%

जब मुस्लिम जनसंख्या 60% से ऊपर हो जाती है तब अन्य धर्मावलंबियों का “जातीय सफ़ाया” शुरु किया जाता है (उदाहरण भारत का कश्मीर), जबरिया मुस्लिम बनाना, अन्य धर्मों के धार्मिक स्थल तोड़ना, जजिया जैसा कोई अन्य कर वसूलना आदि किया जाता है, जैसे –

अल्बानिया – मुस्लिम 70%

मलेशिया – मुस्लिम 62%

कतर – मुस्लिम 78%

सूडान – मुस्लिम 75%

जनसंख्या के 80% से ऊपर हो जाने के बाद तो सत्ता/शासन प्रायोजित जातीय सफ़ाई की जाती है, अन्य धर्मों के अल्पसंख्यकों को उनके मूल नागरिक अधिकारों से भी वंचित कर दिया जाता है, सभी प्रकार के हथकण्डे/हथियार अपनाकर जनसंख्या को 100% तक ले जाने का लक्ष्य रखा जाता है, जैसे –

बांग्लादेश – मुस्लिम 83%

मिस्त्र – मुस्लिम 90%

गाज़ा पट्टी – मुस्लिम 98%

ईरान – मुस्लिम 98%

ईराक – मुस्लिम 97%

जोर्डन – मुस्लिम 93%

मोरक्को – मुस्लिम 98%

पाकिस्तान – मुस्लिम 97%

सीरिया – मुस्लिम 90%

संयुक्त अरब अमीरात – मुस्लिम 96%

बनती कोशिश पूरी 100% जनसंख्या मुस्लिम बन जाने, यानी कि दार-ए-स्सलाम होने की स्थिति में वहाँ सिर्फ़ मदरसे होते हैं और सिर्फ़ कुरान पढ़ाई जाती है और उसे ही अन्तिम सत्य माना जाता है, जैसे –

अफ़गानिस्तान – मुस्लिम 100%

सऊदी अरब – मुस्लिम 100%

सोमालिया – मुस्लिम 100%a

यमन – मुस्लिम 100%

आज की स्थिति में मुस्लिमों की जनसंख्या समूचे विश्व की जनसंख्या का 22-24% है, लेकिन ईसाईयों, हिन्दुओं और यहूदियों के मुकाबले उनकी जन्मदर को देखते हुए कहा जा सकता है कि इस शताब्दी के अन्त से पहले ही मुस्लिम जनसंख्या विश्व की 50% हो जायेगी (यदि तब तक धरती बची तो)… भारत में कुल मुस्लिम जनसंख्या 15% के आसपास मानी जाती है, जबकि हकीकत यह है कि उत्तरप्रदेश, बिहार, पश्चिम बंगाल और केरल के कई जिलों में यह आँकड़ा 60 से 80% तक पहुँच चुका है… अब देश में आगे चलकर क्या परिस्थितियाँ बनेंगी यह कोई भी (“सेकुलरों” को छोड़कर) आसानी से सोच-समझ सकता है…

(सभी सन्दर्भ और आँकड़े : डॉ पीटर हैमण्ड की पुस्तक “स्लेवरी, टेररिज़्म एण्ड इस्लाम – द हिस्टोरिकल रूट्स एण्ड कण्टेम्पररी थ्रेट तथा लियोन यूरिस – “द हज”, से साभार)

भारतमाता की कुछ सेवा करना चाहते हैं  तो अधिक  से अधिक लोगों को ये मैसेज फॉरवर्ड कीजिये

Dead Almost

A trip to Haridwar is always welcome , but who would know if the trip could have been my last one, well for a moment i thought so, we started back home at three in the morning , traffic was minimum so we crossed Roorkee in the nest 45 minutes but as we approached Mujaffarnagar, the traffic became a bit dense, and then stopping and moving and then stopping and moving. around 4 AM in the morning as we were moving slow int he traffic , suddenly my car started moving towards the left without me touching the car, in a flash of a second i realized what was happening , just above my right arm i could see a huge truck pushing my car as if it was ready to crush it.

the face of the truck seemed like a giant demon with huge horns on it and it was saying that it was my last day of life, caring about ones life is but natural but i had my wife and my daughter sleeping and the back seat, now who was to know what would happen to them after I am gone. my wife woke up in a ziffy and while i was shocked and was just looking at the truck pushing our right side of the car, she was busy trying to move the steering towards right, i couldn’t move as i didn’t realize what was happening.

fortunately the truck driver saw us and he stopped it, moved aside and ran away, coming back to senses i realize we were hit and the truck was running away, i took my car into gear and pushed the paddle, car moved and i thought fine not much harm, we were fine, its only the car who had been injured, it has been a habit of my car to take all the troubles of my life onto itself, i am in love with it, i owe a lot to it, my life my dads life, my wife’s my daughter .

i drove fast to catch them, i caught them took their vechile keys and as i was doing this i realized, my wife was shouting at them, she looked like Durga, iwas silent , i took the trucks number and went to the police station which wasnt even a kilometer away, then when i came back they had vanished, the chase began, we caught them just before mujjaffar nagar, but by that time i had decided , to leave the matter and come back home first, as because first the drivers were muslim and you cannot trust a muslim, thats a different topic totally.

and the second thing that we were in mujaffarnagar, my life is more important than the penalty that those guys had to pay, so i decided to bring my car back home and get it repaired here in Delhi.As i was deciding this in my mind i saw the truck take a wrong turn in to the fields and vanish behind the trees.

now what , nothing what i was thinking in my mind had been confirmed by acts of the driver. so i didn’t say anything think anything , took the road straight and came back home.




WE started at around 11 pm at night and our journey to Wagha Border had started, coming to the national highway took only 45 minutes and then the GT Road was the straight road to the border. GT road or the grand trunk road was built by SHER SHAH SURI whose name nowhere is mentioned , but anyways i always remember to take his name whenever we are talking about this road, this road starts from Lahore and goes upto DHAKA which is i believe still the capital of Bangladesh.

Anyways on our way we made our first stop at SUKHDEV DHABA , which is famous for its parathas and had few of  them and then proceeded towards our destination, it took us a total of 10 hours to reach , during which we crossed sonipat, panipat, ludhiana , jalandhar reaching Amritsar around 10 in the morning , after which we took rooms to accommodate us for a day, after resting there for a while we started for the border, it took us half an hour to reach the border from Amritsar, which is a straight road. also known as NATIONAL HIGHWAY 1.

ON reaching the border the roads which were like butter till now transformed into walnut cover . we could see from a distance the number of people waiting near the gate to enter the main gate of the stadium where the ceremony of the evening is to take place. Around Five Thousand people were gathered near the gate, pushing and looking for some space to stand.

THE gate open and everyone started rushing in , the indian army or would call the BSF JAWANS were there to monitor the movements, there were few on the horses who were treating the people like dogs, waving and hitting them with a  stick , this i found very disgusting , by seeing the people being treated very badly.this was sad, but anyways we got into the stadium, where patriotic songs were being played.

THe parade started with much fan fare with people shouting from both sides of the border, the BSF jawans kick reached their head, which i believe was better from any of the karate kids kicks, so much arrogance and attitude was to be seen from both sides , it was more like a mini war . which i felt was too much for the audience , but they were enjoying anyways , this show of anger and hatred by the BSF jawans at the parade is much to do with the kind of relationship we share with PAkistan, no where in the world such kind of show is performed , i believe this should be shown every day for and hour which will certainly raise more patriotism in the people’s mind on both sides of the border.

THE best part on our side was the opening of the PARADE which was done by two beautiful and amazingly tall lady officers of the BSF, this was a moment of pride and the INDIAN side had the women to boast of and the pakistan side had only men, the women were seen at the stands with their burka standing and cheering for their country, OUR WOMEN are better. our thinking is changing and our attitude towards women is also changing , may be slowly but yes it is.


Anna & Team Anna insisted that before vacating Ram Leela they cleaned it up. The Gandhian thing to do

Anna & Team Anna insisted that before vacating Ram Leela they cleaned it up. The Gandhian thing to do.

28 Aug via web

I tweeted this on the 28th of August as I saw this hope raised by Tushar Gandhi as

Hope Anna & Team Anna insisted that before vacating Ram Leela they cleaned it up. The Gandhian thing to do.?

The only mistake I made was I forgot to put “hope” in front of my tweet , and hey suddenly the whole twitter world started retweeting this message almost 200 people retweeted this , and it sent a good message that Anna team actually insisted in cleaning the Ramlila ground before they left , which actually in reality they did’nt, and I was in such a stigma that I didn’t want to spoil the goodness gained by the Anna team but at last thought of writing about it here , as I find it very funny that a HOPE just because of a single word missing changed a hope into a statement , what a good feeling it might have given to the people who read it that yes the team Anna was so sincere to clean the mess at Ramlila Ground, but honeslty it was the MCD who did , thanks to them .

For my record I am putting both the statements here.


This is a tweet by Tushar

TusharG Tushar A. Gandhi

I hope Anna & Team Anna insisted that before vacating Ram Leela they cleaned it up. The Gandhian thing to do.


And this was mine



Anna & Team Anna insisted that before vacating Ram Leela they cleaned it up. The Gandhian thing to do.

28 Aug via web






thodi chatpatahat

NA khwaisho ki tapis hai,
Na aarzuo ki aahat
Bass thodi si majburi aur
Thodi chat patahat
MUddato se na aahat hai
na kisi ke aane ki chahat
bas thodi si majburi aur thodi chapatahat
sayen me chipe us rang ki sajis ye thi, ki roshni ne najar na milaya dobara, na baris ki boondo ne mujhe chua na meri parchai ne mujhe pehchana, bass thodi majburi aur thodi chatpatahat

Na kal ki raftar na aaj ka dheemapan

Na hasi , na khushi, na hi gam ka sailab

BAs thodi majburi aur thodi chatpatahat


I mean she is so beautiful if only she took a bath every morning and did some makeup on her face, hey c’mmon yes we are talking about AR here, honestly i find her very attractive ,but its sometimes liek some friends tell me, tu dekhne me to acha lagta hai par jab bhi MOOH kholta hai BADBU aati hai” literally they dont mean my bad breadth , they actually mean the words that come out of me .

Ar has a problem though she has to say something or the other about anything or the other . IT’s like she knows something about everything and everything about something, anything and everything  is like something and almost nothing for her, Well lets not get confused about something or anything here.

So probably she was thinking that since no-one notices her these days she has the right to write things which by chance or my meaning full accident might draw attention towards her , but what did she know that her article would remain just an artile in the flood on emotions and the sounds of “VANDE MATARAM” and BHARAT MATA KI JAI ” comming from Ramlila ground and other parts of INDIA, Sad she will have to keep a watch on any other opportunity that might be comming her way. Best of luck to her.

While writing all this it is quite difficult to make out whom is she trying to please, and whom did it matter at all. well preserving this as well for my refrence to keep in mind not to write anything like this , if I ever do IN FUTURE.



While his means maybe Gandhian, his demands are certainly not.

If what we’re watching on TV is indeed a revolution, then it has to be one of the more embarrassing and unintelligible ones of recent times. For now, whatever questions you may have about the Jan Lokpal Bill, here are the answers you’re likely to get: tick the box — (a) Vande Mataram (b) Bharat Mata ki Jai (c) India is Anna, Anna is India (d) Jai Hind.

For completely different reasons, and in completely different ways, you could say that the Maoists and the Jan Lokpal Bill have one thing in common — they both seek the overthrow of the Indian State. One working from the bottom up, by means of an armed struggle, waged by a largely adivasi army, made up of the poorest of the poor. The other, from the top down, by means of a bloodless Gandhian coup, led by a freshly minted saint, and an army of largely urban, and certainly better off people. (In this one, the Government collaborates by doing everything it possibly can to overthrow itself.)

In April 2011, a few days into Anna Hazare’s first “fast unto death,” searching for some way of distracting attention from the massive corruption scams which had battered its credibility, the Government invited Team Anna, the brand name chosen by this “civil society” group, to be part of a joint drafting committee for a new anti-corruption law. A few months down the line it abandoned that effort and tabled its own bill in Parliament, a bill so flawed that it was impossible to take seriously.

Then, on August 16th, the morning of his second “fast unto death,” before he had begun his fast or committed any legal offence, Anna Hazare was arrested and jailed. The struggle for the implementation of the Jan Lokpal Bill now coalesced into a struggle for the right to protest, the struggle for democracy itself. Within hours of this ‘Second Freedom Struggle,’ Anna was released. Cannily, he refused to leave prison, but remained in Tihar jail as an honoured guest, where he began a fast, demanding the right to fast in a public place. For three days, while crowds and television vans gathered outside, members of Team Anna whizzed in and out of the high security prison, carrying out his video messages, to be broadcast on national TV on all channels. (Which other person would be granted this luxury?) Meanwhile 250 employees of the Municipal Commission of Delhi, 15 trucks, and six earth movers worked around the clock to ready the slushy Ramlila grounds for the grand weekend spectacle. Now, waited upon hand and foot, watched over by chanting crowds and crane-mounted cameras, attended to by India’s most expensive doctors, the third phase of Anna’s fast to the death has begun. “From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, India is One,” the TV anchors tell us.

While his means may be Gandhian, Anna Hazare’s demands are certainly not. Contrary to Gandhiji’s ideas about the decentralisation of power, the Jan Lokpal Bill is a draconian, anti-corruption law, in which a panel of carefully chosen people will administer a giant bureaucracy, with thousands of employees, with the power to police everybody from the Prime Minister, the judiciary, members of Parliament, and all of the bureaucracy, down to the lowest government official. The Lokpal will have the powers of investigation, surveillance, and prosecution. Except for the fact that it won’t have its own prisons, it will function as an independent administration, meant to counter the bloated, unaccountable, corrupt one that we already have. Two oligarchies, instead of just one.

Whether it works or not depends on how we view corruption. Is corruption just a matter of legality, of financial irregularity and bribery, or is it the currency of a social transaction in an egregiously unequal society, in which power continues to be concentrated in the hands of a smaller and smaller minority? Imagine, for example, a city of shopping malls, on whose streets hawking has been banned. A hawker pays the local beat cop and the man from the municipality a small bribe to break the law and sell her wares to those who cannot afford the prices in the malls. Is that such a terrible thing? In future will she have to pay the Lokpal representative too? Does the solution to the problems faced by ordinary people lie in addressing the structural inequality, or in creating yet another power structure that people will have to defer to?

Meanwhile the props and the choreography, the aggressive nationalism and flag waving of Anna’s Revolution are all borrowed, from the anti-reservation protests, the world-cup victory parade, and the celebration of the nuclear tests. They signal to us that if we do not support The Fast, we are not ‘true Indians.’ The 24-hour channels have decided that there is no other news in the country worth reporting.

‘The Fast’ of course doesn’t mean Irom Sharmila’s fast that has lasted for more than ten years (she’s being force fed now) against the AFSPA, which allows soldiers in Manipur to kill merely on suspicion. It does not mean the relay hunger fast that is going on right now by ten thousand villagers in Koodankulam protesting against the nuclear power plant. ‘The People’ does not mean the Manipuris who support Irom Sharmila’s fast. Nor does it mean the thousands who are facing down armed policemen and mining mafias in Jagatsinghpur, or Kalinganagar, or Niyamgiri, or Bastar, or Jaitapur. Nor do we mean the victims of the Bhopal gas leak, or the people displaced by dams in the Narmada Valley. Nor do we mean the farmers in NOIDA, or Pune or Haryana or elsewhere in the country, resisting the takeover of the land.

‘The People’ only means the audience that has gathered to watch the spectacle of a 74-year-old man threatening to starve himself to death if his Jan Lokpal Bill is not tabled and passed by Parliament. ‘The People’ are the tens of thousands who have been miraculously multiplied into millions by our TV channels, like Christ multiplied the fishes and loaves to feed the hungry. “A billion voices have spoken,” we’re told. “India is Anna.”

Who is he really, this new saint, this Voice of the People? Oddly enough we’ve heard him say nothing about things of urgent concern. Nothing about the farmer’s suicides in his neighbourhood, or about Operation Green Hunt further away. Nothing about Singur, Nandigram, Lalgarh, nothing about Posco, about farmer’s agitations or the blight of SEZs. He doesn’t seem to have a view about the Government’s plans to deploy the Indian Army in the forests of Central India.

He does however support Raj Thackeray’s Marathi Manoos xenophobia and has praised the ‘development model’ of Gujarat’s Chief Minister who oversaw the 2002 pogrom against Muslims. (Anna withdrew that statement after a public outcry, but presumably not his admiration.)

Despite the din, sober journalists have gone about doing what journalists do. We now have the back-story about Anna’s old relationship with the RSS. We have heard from Mukul Sharma who has studied Anna’s village community in Ralegan Siddhi, where there have been no Gram Panchayat or Co-operative society elections in the last 25 years. We know about Anna’s attitude to ‘harijans’: “It was Mahatma Gandhi’s vision that every village should have one chamar, one sunar, one kumhar and so on. They should all do their work according to their role and occupation, and in this way, a village will be self-dependant. This is what we are practicing in Ralegan Siddhi.” Is it surprising that members of Team Anna have also been associated with Youth for Equality, the anti-reservation (pro-“merit”) movement? The campaign is being handled by people who run a clutch of generously funded NGOs whose donors include Coca-Cola and the Lehman Brothers. Kabir, run by Arvind Kejriwal and Manish Sisodia, key figures in Team Anna, has received $400,000 from the Ford Foundation in the last three years. Among contributors to the India Against Corruption campaign there are Indian companies and foundations that own aluminum plants, build ports and SEZs, and run Real Estate businesses and are closely connected to politicians who run financial empires that run into thousands of crores of rupees. Some of them are currently being investigated for corruption and other crimes. Why are they all so enthusiastic?

Remember the campaign for the Jan Lokpal Bill gathered steam around the same time as embarrassing revelations by Wikileaks and a series of scams, including the 2G spectrum scam, broke, in which major corporations, senior journalists, and government ministers and politicians from the Congress as well as the BJP seem to have colluded in various ways as hundreds of thousands of crores of rupees were being siphoned off from the public exchequer. For the first time in years, journalist-lobbyists were disgraced and it seemed as if some major Captains of Corporate India could actually end up in prison. Perfect timing for a people’s anti-corruption agitation. Or was it?

At a time when the State is withdrawing from its traditional duties and Corporations and NGOs are taking over government functions (water supply, electricity, transport, telecommunication, mining, health, education); at a time when the terrifying power and reach of the corporate owned media is trying to control the public imagination, one would think that these institutions — the corporations, the media, and NGOs — would be included in the jurisdiction of a Lokpal bill. Instead, the proposed bill leaves them out completely.

Now, by shouting louder than everyone else, by pushing a campaign that is hammering away at the theme of evil politicians and government corruption, they have very cleverly let themselves off the hook. Worse, by demonising only the Government they have built themselves a pulpit from which to call for the further withdrawal of the State from the public sphere and for a second round of reforms — more privatisation, more access to public infrastructure and India’s natural resources. It may not be long before Corporate Corruption is made legal and renamed a Lobbying Fee.

Will the 830 million people living on Rs.20 a day really benefit from the strengthening of a set of policies that is impoverishing them and driving this country to civil war?

This awful crisis has been forged out of the utter failure of India’s representative democracy, in which the legislatures are made up of criminals and millionaire politicians who have ceased to represent its people. In which not a single democratic institution is accessible to ordinary people. Do not be fooled by the flag waving. We’re watching India being carved up in war for suzerainty that is as deadly as any battle being waged by the warlords of Afghanistan, only with much, much more at stake.